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Why the Alt Right Fails at Masculinity Featured 

Why the Alt Right Fails at Masculinity

(GREED) – Okay everybody, listen up: I’m going to talk about MasculinityMy politics have taken a number of drastic twists and turns throughout the years as I, like everyone else struggle to make sense of and adapt to the rapidly changing world around us.

However, when I look at what Trump and his cronies have been doing and saying I can’t help but get pissed off. Moreover, it’s not the NYC-arts, OWS, Anarchist Brent that’s super-mad at Trump. It’s actually the Libertarian and Young GOP Brent. It’s the conservative part of me who’s rage burns the brightest whenever one of these dinguses opens their big stupid mouths.

See, what drives me up the wall about Trump and the reactionary movement behind him is the fact that they seem to think they’re re-asserting traditional masculinity, patriotism, and other such values. Whether this is coming from Neo-Nazis or Redpillers or “Meninists/Masculinists” – if we’re gonna talk about the traditional male archetype, the fact is none of these people are real men, and that includes Donald Trump.

Real men, in the traditional sense, have honor and integrity and the ability to put others needs before their own. Real men had to be like this in less civilized times because we were expected to be the head of the household and with that power, came a great deal of responsibility. The idealized traditional man was an Atlas carrying others on his shoulders, he was a protector and a provider – not a brute, or a schemer or a flatterer and he was NOT someone who won at any cost or lorded his power over others because if you were such a man and did those things, you endangered those you were supposed to protect by starting needless fights. The traditional man didn’t pick on weak people because that was a waste of his energy and a sign of fear and weakness in and of itself.

These supposed “conservatives” pretend to speak for Men, and Whiteness and Patriotism and The Traditional Family but NONE of them are even CLOSE to being worthy of its highest ideals. I suppose that’s par for the course with these types, as Hitler himself was a pretty poor example of the idealized “Aryan Superman”, Franco was a short pudgy doofus and for all those military uniforms and his jutting square jawline Mussolini was never capable of looking like anything other than Aleister Crowley’s basic cousin or Marlon Brando after the poor guy let himself go.

You really know society has gone off its rails when the Right is composed and controlled by the worst aspects of itself. Let’s be real: Trump is a lazyvapidfool who can’t control his appetites nor his passions. Bannon is a gross, corpulent weirdo who got where he is by sneaking his way onto the shoulders of better men and Milo…don’t even get me started on that whiny, simpering, coward. We all knew guys like Milo growing up: Milo was the mouth behind the bully who would fold THE LITERAL SECOND anyone finally got sick of him and went to cash one of the many checks his mouth had written – Like he acts like some kinda badass iconoclast with his aviator sunglasses and his stupid haircut and that oh-so-obvious sensationalist book title but if you look an inch below the surface I guarantee you will find a small frightened person completely dominated by fear and insecurity – and that’s why he’s so obsessed with attacking people, especially women who he thinks “don’t know their place” he’s trying to focus the negative attention elsewhere because he’s terrified if he doesn’t it will land on him. That’s why he never attacks anyone powerful and always chooses targets he assumes to be weaker than himself.

Point is, there’s a lot that traditional masculine ideals got wrong, but there’s also a lot that they got right. I mean Seriously, what kind of a man spends his time picking on girls? The Alt-Right isn’t resurrecting masculinity, they’re destroying it. These people have thrown out the baby, and are championing the bathwater and that is a damn shame.

If we intend to keep this political, social and economic system then we are in dire need of real people of courage and integrity to step up and take the reins of our society. I know you people are out there, and if you don’t then this scum isn’t just going to halt and/or rollback progress, they are going to destroy everything that was good about our past and drag our idols and heroes through the mud until we can’t even recognize what a real man is, nor what a real conservative stands for and when that happens the United States of America is OVER – because we will have lost everything that makes us good as a people. We will fall like Rome did and we will deserve to fall and we will deserve the impact that comes when we do, because the only thing that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

And for those of you who think this might be for the best, considering the USA’s checkered past? Look at Russia and look at China and not how they were in the romanticized “grass-is-greener” past you imagine but how they are now, because nature abhors a vacuum and one of those two empires is gonna take our place and I’m less hopeful for the world’s prospects under the rule of either compared to we, in the United States, with all our flaws.

As of now the president just excused the murders carried out by Putin, by pointing out our own violent foreign policy, which is the EXACT OPPOSITE STANCE of a moral person. If you were waiting for a moment to step up, this is it. When Americans are at our best we are downright amazing – but we haven’t been our best in a very long time and that is no one’s fault but our own.

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