Oh Canada! Justin Trudeau Breaks the Internet with His Tight Slacks (PHOTOS) Men 

Oh Canada! Justin Trudeau Breaks the Internet with His Tight Slacks (PHOTOS)

Canada (Sputnik) – Canada’s prime minister aka “Mr-steal-your-girlfriend” sends the twittersphere into a craze and no it’s not for anything political… it’s all about his assets. Attending a speaking event, from what we gather, not many really remember what he was talking about and well, naturally we can guess why. Take a deep breath and check it out. Okay. pic.twitter.com/upKscLTt59 — Joe Reid (@joereid) February 22, 2017 Cue the gawkers! pic.twitter.com/O8YHFzV4Yn — Calvin (@calvinstowell) February 22, 2017 Yeah, our thoughts exactly. via GIPHY Some are even suggesting the key to world peace isn’t foreign policy, it’s actually Justin’s derrière. I've discovered the solution Read More

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Windows 10 Devices Continue to ‘Collect Everything You Do, Say and Write’ Unaimed 

Windows 10 Devices Continue to ‘Collect Everything You Do, Say and Write’

(Sputnik) – European Union data protection authorities have expressed fresh concerns about the privacy of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system, despite tweaks being made to the OS after questions were raised about its treatment of personal data last year. In a letter, the Article 29 Working Group said it still has “significant concerns” about how Microsoft collects and processes users’ personal data, and whether it obtains fully informed consent from users to do so. “There is an apparent lack of control for users to prevent collection or further processing of such data. As a result, the Working Party specifically requests further explanatory information from Microsoft, as to how the opt-outs, Read More

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Kids compete to make the world a better place – and learn, too Unaimed 

Kids compete to make the world a better place – and learn, too

(CN) – When faced with the problem of cleaning up a polluted petrochemical site in Ecuador, a team of urban planners from Arizona turned to “microbial degradation” and “phytoremediation” to biologically break down pollutants on the site. A team of urban planners who are still in middle school. The Veritas Homeschoolers were in Washington this week to compete in the 25th annual Future City Competition, which challenges sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students to design a city of the future that solves problems the city faces today. Each team has an engineering mentor to ensure that their plans are feasible, but Read More

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Milo fallout: Alt-Right vs Alt-Light Scandal 

Milo fallout: Alt-Right vs Alt-Light

(GREED) – Just when we thought the dumpster fire that has become Milo’s career was over, we see more fallout. Milo’s alleged pederasty/snitching scandal has sparked fierce debate within the Alt-Right community. The heavyweight of the Alt-Right, Richard Spencer, came out swinging referring to Milo and his supporters as adherents to “basic bitch conservatism” and mockingly joked about the “Alt-light”. Spencer took aim at Mike Cernovich and Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) for defending Milo’s actions and statements. Spencer pointed out that both had been actively pursuing “PizzaGate” since the story broke, but seemed to dismiss pedophilia allegations about their Read More

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Australia’s Bubblegum-Pink Lake Beauty 

Australia’s Bubblegum-Pink Lake

Australia (Sputnik) – Lake Hillier in Western Australia is famous for its vibrant pink hue. Watch this stunning natural oddity filmed from above. The reason Lake Hillier is so passionately pink is not yet fully understood by scientists. It probably has to do with organisms called Dunaliella Salina: these microscopic algae produce lots of carotenoids, which give the waters of the 600-meter-long saline lake its distinctive color.  This report prepared by Sputnik.

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Silk, Turbans and Gold Embroidery: Muslim Fashion Hits London Catwalks (VIDEO) Women 

Silk, Turbans and Gold Embroidery: Muslim Fashion Hits London Catwalks (VIDEO)

London (Sputnik) – The United Kingdom held the first fashion show adhering to Muslim dressing traditions. The event was held in London as part of “London Modest Fashion Week.” The two-day event was held for the first time this year as it runs parallel to London Fashion Week. According to the organizers, which was held at the Saatchi Gallery in the prestigious district of Chelsea, so-called “modest” fashion is one of the fastest growing segments of the fashion business. “Currently, the fastest growing market is the Muslim market. By 2030 every third person in the world will be a Muslim and that is a huge amount of people,” the organizer of the Read More

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This Pot-Entrepreneur Is Fighting Prohibition, and Winning Featured Unaimed 

This Pot-Entrepreneur Is Fighting Prohibition, and Winning

Washington DC (FEE) – On  a busy DC street corner, on a cold afternoon, a Mercedes-Benz sits parked outside of a storefront window. There are other cars parked on the street, but this vehicle stands out  – mainly because it’s covered with pictures of marijuana plants and has Kush Gods written in huge lettering across its side. Two police officers stand nearby, watching the car with stone-faced expressions and crossed arms, but there is nothing they can do. An older man, a few young professionals, and a woman whose balding head is wrapped tightly in a scarf are all Read More

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More Pop-Up Brothels Crop Up in Britain Featured Unaimed 

More Pop-Up Brothels Crop Up in Britain

England (Sputnik) – The problem of pop-up brothels continues to crop up in British towns and in newspaper headlines, with police in Wiltshire being the latest force to reveal it has an issue with temporary-run sex houses opening and closing in Swindon. Officers say they are dealing with around 30 pop-up brothels based in residential areas just six months after a Romanian gang were busted for opening brothels in the town and more than 40 potential victims of human trafficking were identified. Reports across the UK of temporary #brothels, where rooms r rented for just a few days before women are swiftly moved on to evade detection — Read More

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‘Naked is Normal’: Playboy Bringing Nudity Back in March Issue Beauty 

‘Naked is Normal’: Playboy Bringing Nudity Back in March Issue

United States (Sputnik) – Playboy, who ended nudity on their pages last year, is declaring that “naked is normal,” and will be bringing nude models back in their March-April issue. The company has also launched the hashtag #NakedIsNormal in posts showing off their upcoming cover which features 25-year-old model Elizabeth Elam, topless, barely covered by the same phrase. Our March/April 2017 cover #NakedIsNormal https://t.co/FhCkcmnV0S pic.twitter.com/WSxMElDa94 — Playboy (@Playboy) February 13, 2017 The issue also advertises articles on the “Free the Nipple,” movement to decriminalize women being topless in public, an interview with CNN contributor Van Jones, and ‘Cannabis: A User’s Guide.’ “Not only am I excited and Read More

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Kyrgyzstan: Bride-Training TV Show Divides Audiences Entertainment 

Kyrgyzstan: Bride-Training TV Show Divides Audiences

Kyrgyzstan (EAN) – A reality TV show on a state broadcaster in Kyrgyzstan is raising hackles for what detractors assert is its demeaning depiction of women and their role in society. Kelin, which roughly translates into English as bride, is a Kyrgyz spin on a well-worn format in the West, wherein a group of contestants must compete for the attention of a putative suitor. One such show in the United States, The Bachelor, would start out with a couple dozen young women undergoing a series of sometimes embarrassing tests to beat out their rivals. In the Kyrgyz variation, it is Read More

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