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‘Anger is Language of Justice’ Says Author of New Book on Women’s Rage

United States (Openemocracy) – “What was striking for me was that people kept suggesting anger is irrational,” the US-based writer and critic Soraya Chemaly tells me down the phone during her recent trip to the UK. “That makes no sense. Anger is deeply rational response. It’s a warning. Anger is the language of justice and fairness.” Chemaly’s new book, Rage Becomes Her, is a rousing battle cry in defence of women’s anger. In the forensic and well-evidenced study, Chemaly explores the inequalities that women face from birth to death, and how they make us furious. The book covers issues from body Read More

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Featured Violence Against Women 

Why Many Sexual Assault Survivors May Not Come Forward For Years

United States (JR) – Over the past year, as the #MeToo movement has grown and national figures such as Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and movie mogul Harvey Weinstein have faced allegations of sexual misconduct from women they knew years ago, one question has continued to surface: Why would someone claiming abuse wait so long to come forward? Research indicates the answer is complicated. There are a wide range of reasons people don’t report their experiences with sexual harassment and assault to authorities and, oftentimes, even hide them from friends and family members. One reason is self-blame, said Karen G. Weiss, an associate professor of Read More

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Rape Protest Featured Violence Against Women 

Where There is More Rape Culture in the Press, There is More Rape

United States (JR) – Rape occurs more often in communities where the news media reflects “rape culture” — the tone of the coverage and word choices can be interpreted as showing empathy for the accused and blame for victims, according to a new study published in the Quarterly Journal of Political Science. “We find that where there is more rape culture in the press, there is more rape,” write the authors of the study, Matthew A. Baum and Dara Kay Cohen of Harvard Kennedy School and Yuri M. Zhukov of the University of Michigan. “In areas with more prevalent rape culture in the press, police receive more frequent reports Read More

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#MeToo Unaimed 

#MeToo Goes Global

World Wide (FPIF) – The famous tenor Enrico Caruso went on trial in 1906 for an incident at the monkey house in Central Park. He was accused of the indecent assault of 30-year-old Hannah Graham. Caruso in turn accused one of the monkeys of pinching the victim’s rear end. Other accusations of sexual harassment emerged at the trial. The newspapers called the singer “an Italian pervert.” He was found guilty and fined $10. There were rumors that the Monkey House incident was a set up, largely because the arresting police officer and Ms. Graham knew each other. But that wasn’t the whole story either. New Read More

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#justicefornoura Violence Against Women 

#MeToo Campaign for Sudanese Teen Highlights the Need to End Western Saviorism

Sudan (WNV) – On June 27, Sudanese activists and the global human rights community declared victory when a 19-year old Sudanese woman, Noura Hussein, was spared the death penalty. She was instead sentenced to a five-year prison sentence for murdering her husband in self-defense, as he tried to rape her when she was 16 years old. After news of the court’s initial decision for the death penalty broke in early May, Sudanese activists quickly took to Twitter and Facebook with the hashtags #SaveNoura and #JusticeforNoura. Within a week, the story caught the attention of major international organizations like UN Women, Amnesty International and the European Union, Read More

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Featured Violence Against Women 

Why Women Don’t Report Sexual Assault

United States (OW) – When Christine Blasey Ford came forward to report that President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, sexually assaulted her in 1982, you could cue the response: Why didn’t she speak out then? Why didn’t she go to the police? There’s a long, long list of reasons why a woman wouldn’t speak out even now, and no doubt it was even more difficult in the pre-Anita Hill world of 1982. I can’t speak for everyone who has faced sexual assault, but I can speak for myself. 1. At first, I didn’t know that what happened to me was Read More

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Kavanaugh Featured Violence Against Women 

Kavanaugh and Consent

United States (FEMEN) – (Trigger warnings: Rape. Rape. Rape. More rape. Assault. You get the idea.) I believe Professor Christine Blasey Ford. I believe her when she says that Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her and tried to rape her in a private home in the 1980s when they were both teenagers. My unwavering belief doesn’t come from personal knowledge of either party, yet I absolutely have no doubt that Ms. Ford is telling the truth. This assertion doesn’t just stem from feminist doctrine of “believe women” and “me too”, even though both of those ideas are crucial to furthering the feminist Read More

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Egypt Unaimed 

Living the Double Life: Behind the Lies of Women’s Daily Lives in Egypt

Egypt (OpenDemocracy) – 25-year-old Sara does not feel secure telling her parents how she feels about myriad things. Having struggled with the concept of religion from a very young age, her proclamation of atheism was not met with much open-mindedness. “They freaked out and insisted I see a family sheikh”, she says. Her father also threatened to cut off funds for her college education. “The whole thing traumatized me which made me—in the end—say that I believe in God,” she adds. Sara now lies about sexual activity, alcohol consumption, and more. What Sara describes as an ‘off and on switch’ Read More

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Duterte Violence Against Women 

Duterte Says ‘There’ll Be More Rape Cases as Long Women Are Beautiful’

Phillippines (Sputnik) – Throughout his political career, Duterte has made numerous controversial comments that have sparked public outrage. Some such comments have pertained to rape cases in his country. While answering a question regarding the growing number of rape cases in his hometown of Davao, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said that rape crimes will continue to occur as long as beautiful women exist, local news outlet Rappler reported. He went on by saying that few women agree to have sex with someone just because he asked. “They said there are many rape cases in Davao. As long as there are many beautiful women, there will be more rape cases. Who agrees to do Read More

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India Featured Violence Against Women 

India Has a Sexual Assault Problem That Women Could Help Fix, In a Round About Way

India (Conversation) – India is the most dangerous country for sexual violence against women, according to the Thomson Reuters Foundation 2018 survey. The survey, which measures sexual and non-sexual violence, discrimination, cultural traditions, health care and human trafficking, has been criticized for reflecting more perception than data. But India barely fares better in other studies that rank its treatment of women. It placed 131st of 152 countries in the Georgetown Institute’s global ranking of women’s inclusion and well-being. India’s National Crime Records Bureau reported 338,954 crimes against women – including 38,947 rapes – in 2016, the most recent government Read More

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