Injection Featured Human Rights 

Immigrant Children Forcibly Injected with Drugs at Texas Shelter, Lawsuit Claims

United States (TexasTribune) – President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy is creating a zombie army of children forcibly injected with medications that make them dizzy, listless, obese and even incapacitated, according to legal filings that show immigrant children in U.S. custody subdued with powerful psychiatric drugs. Children held at the Shiloh Treatment Center, a government contractor south of Houston that houses immigrant minors, described being held down and injected, according to the federal court filings. The lawsuit alleges that children were told they would not be released or see their parents unless they took medication and that they only were receiving Read More

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Palestine Human Rights 

Far-Right Israeli Protesters Celebrate Palestinian Baby Burned to Death

Israel (Sputnik) – On Tuesday, two dozen far-right protesters celebrated the death of an 18-month-old Palestinian child murdered in July 2015 as the toddler’s remaining family members walked out of the Central District Court in Lod, Israel. In July 2015, 18-month year-old Ali Saad Dawabsha was killed in an arson attack by Jewish right-wing terrorists on his Palestinian family’s home in Duma, a Palestinian town in the northern West Bank. The toddler’s parents, Riham and Saad Dawabsha, also died from their injuries within weeks of the attack. The couple’s other child, Ahmed Dawabsha, who was five years old at the Read More

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Technology Violence Against Women 

Technology is Both a Weapon and a Shield For Those Experiencing Domestic Violence

Australia (Conversation) – With growing recognition that domestic violence can be perpetuated using technology, there has been an increase of news stories that focus on how abusers use it to coerce and control victims. For example, when a man stole his ex-partner’s laptop so he could monitor her private Facebook messages. Or when a husband installed a GPS tracking device in his daughter’s doll to monitor his wife’s whereabouts without her knowledge. But there’s also considerable potential for victims to use new technologies to hold abusers accountable. Technology as a sword and shield for victims Those experiencing domestic violence Read More

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State Featured Human Rights 

Is Trump’s War on Children an Act of State Terrorism?

United States (Conversation) – State terrorism comes in many forms, but one of its most cruel and revolting expressions is when it is aimed at children. Separating children from their parents is indeed a form of terrorism and it points not only to a society that has lost its moral compass, but has also descended into such darkness that it demands both the loudest forms of moral outrage and a collective resistance aimed at eliminating the narratives, power relations and values that support it. State violence against children has a long, dark history among authoritarian regimes. Josef Stalin’s police Read More

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Riot Police Unaimed 

Flood of Anti-protest Bills Target Social Justice Infrastructure

United States (Sunlight) – When Colorado public school teachers rallied in Denver this spring to demand better school funding and retirement benefits, two fed-up GOP legislators had a novel idea: Why not pass a bill to fire the teachers and send them to jail? The legislation introduced by state Senator Bob Gardner and Representative Paul Lundeen would also have nullified any union contract between a district and striking teachers. Gardner and Lundeen withdrew their bill in amid public outcry. But their bid to defang unions reflects the new face of the conservative movement to crack down on public protests in 2018. Not Read More

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UN Human Rights Council Human Rights 

UN: US Retreat from Rights Body Self-Defeating

(HRW) – The United States government’s decision to withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council will sideline the country from key global initiatives to protect human rights. “The US has been threatening to walk away from the Human Rights Council ever since President Trump came into office, so this decision comes as no surprise,” said Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch. “President Trump has decided that ‘America First’ means ignoring the suffering of civilians in Syria and ethnic minorities in Myanmar at the United Nations.” The Human Rights Council was created by the UN General Assembly in 2006 as the Read More

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Dunkin Donuts Scandal 

Dunkin’ Donuts Faces Backlash for Racist Sign

United States (Sputnik) – On Monday, a Dunkin’ Donuts in Baltimore, Maryland, faced backlash from customers after placing a small red sign on the counter that morning promising their customers a free pastry and coffee if they snitch on employees speaking in any language other than English. The sign at the Dunkin’ Donuts on West 41st Street read, “If you hear any of our staff shouting in a language other than English, please call 443-415-7775 immediately with the name of the employee to receive a coupon for free coffee and a pastry,” Raw Story reported Monday. This sign is being displayed at a @dunkindonuts in Baltimore. General manager Read More

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Guatemala Violence Against Women 

Justice Retrieval in Guatemala Has the Face of a Woman

Guatemala (OpenDemocracy) – High Risk Court C recently condemned 3 retired servicemen to 58 years in prison and one soldier to 33 years for the disappearance of minor Marco Antonio Theissen, and the kidnapping, torture and rape of his sister, Emma Guadalupe Molina. In Guatemala, 5000 children were disappeared during the civil war that occurred during 1960 and 1996. The individuals sentenced are Manuel Benedicto Lucas García, Manuel Antonio Callejas, Francisco Luis Gordillo Martínez, and Hugo Ramiro Zaldaña Rojas. The story goes like this: Once upon a time in a country of colours, a girl of 15 years old wanted Read More

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Nazi Culture 

Far-Right Terror Threat on the Rise in Britain

Great Britain (Tasnim) – Stung by an attack on Muslims in London a year ago, Britain is facing a growing threat from far-right extremists fuelled by online hate speech, forcing the authorities to react. In a country hit by five attacks in the space of six months in 2017 that killed 36 people, “the biggest threat is from Islamist terrorism”, Home Secretary Sajid Javid said earlier this month (June). But “extreme right-wing terrorism is also an increasing threat”, the interior minister added as he unveiled a new counter-terror strategy, AFP reported. A government report found that four attacks have been carried Read More

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Game Human Rights 

Playing This Board Game will Challenge Your Ideas About Refugees

(Conversation) – When immigrants come to Canada, they have to quickly adapt and they have much to learn. Many of them need to learn a new language and a new culture. The Canadian government defines integration as a two-way street. Newcomers strengthen the Canadian economy by bringing diverse perspectives which can lead to better workplace outcomes, innovation and strong community connections. As an educator working with newcomers for the past decade, I have seen a need not just for newcomer education (such as language classes, settlement services and community orientation) but also for formal and informal education for the Read More

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