Featured Human Rights 

Immigrant Infants too Young to Talk Called into Court to Defend Themselves

United States (TexasTribune) – The Trump administration has summoned at least 70 infants to immigration court for their own deportation proceedings since Oct. 1, according to Justice Department data provided to Kaiser Health News. These are children who need frequent touching and bonding with a parent and naps every few hours, and some were of breastfeeding age, medical experts say. They’re unable to speak and still learning when it’s day versus night. “For babies, the basics are really important. It’s the holding, the proper feeding, proper nurturing,” said Shadi Houshyar, who directs early childhood and child welfare initiatives at Read More

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violence against women in canada Featured Violence Against Women 

Everyday Terrorism: A Woman or Girl is Killed Every Other Day in Canada

Canada (Conversation) – One woman or girl is killed every other day in Canada. This is not a new fact nor does it represent a new trend. For 40 years, this fact has varied little; similarly, rates of other forms of violence against women and girls have remained persistently stable. Violence is a product of our culture. So, too, are our responses to violence when it occurs. Therefore, systemic and cultural transformation is required. This is a daunting task, but can be achieved with small steps. We can begin by changing the public discourse around the killing of women Read More

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Trump Scandal 

Trump Now Says No ‘Time Limit’ to Denuclearize North Korea

United States (Tasnim) – US President Donald Trump said Tuesday there is no hurry to denuclearize North Korea under his accord with Kim Jong Un — a shift in tone from when the US leader said the process would start very soon. “Discussions are ongoing and they’re going very, very well,” Trump told reporters. “We have no time limit. We have no speed limit.” Trump said he discussed North Korea with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday at their summit in Helsinki. “President Putin is going to be involved in the sense that he is with us,” Trump said, AFP Read More

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Saudi Arabia Feminism & Women's Rights 

Women in Saudi Arabia Will Soon Be Able to Train as Pilots

Saudi Arabia (Sputnik) – The Oxford Aviation Academy is the largest flight training network in the world, providing united aviation training and resourcing services with centers in US, Europe, Australia and Saudi Arabia. This year, the Oxford Aviation Academy in the city of Dammam has opened its doors to female students seeking to become pilots. The academy has already received hundreds of applications for enrollment. Dalia Yashar, one of the first Saudi students to register to become a commercial pilot, said that people used to travel abroad to study aviation and it was easier for men to do that rather than women. However, times are changing. “We are no longer living in the era Read More

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Swimsuit Feminism & Women's Rights 

Swimsuit Model Strides Down Runway Breastfeeding, Becomes Sensation

United States (Sputnik) – A model at the Sports Illustrated fashion show decided not to abandon her maternal duties in the workplace and strutted in front of spectators in a gold bikini, nursing her baby. Some hadn’t appreciated such a move from the magazine, which is known for its annual swimsuit issue, which features almost perfect bodies on its cover. Mara Martin turned her catwalk stride into a statement when she decided to take her five-month-old daughter along. The model and new mom was breastfeeding the baby when she strolled onto the runway during the Sport Illustrated Swim Search show during Miami Swim Week. GIRL POWER! Read More

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Epsy Campbell Badass Women 

The Importance of Having an Afro-Feminist Activist in Costa Rica’s Government

Costa Rica (GV) – Epsy Campbell Barr recently made history as the first black female vice president to be elected in Costa Rica — and in all of Latin America. Following the vote, her sister, Shirley Campbell Barr, reflected on the significance of a woman like Epsy being present in government in an email exchange with a Global Voices’ editor. Below is an edited and translated version of that email, published with Shirley’s permission. Now that the presidential race in Costa Rica has ended and the media frenzy has died down, it is worthwhile to go beyond the headlines Read More

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Protest Activism Featured 

Going Viral: What Social Media Activists Need to Know

World Wide (Conversation) – Inspiring stories of social activism, such as the Civil Rights movement and the fight against climate change, abound in history. And it is generally thought that the new social media era has helped cases of activism to succeed. But our research has revealed some major threats, which activists need to understand if they are to be successful in getting their message across to the masses. Social activism refers to a broad range of activities which are beneficial to society or particular interest groups. Social activists operate in groups to voice, educate and agitate for change, Read More

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Poverty Human Rights 

US Should Address Concerns Raised in UN Poverty Report

United States (HRW) – Is extreme poverty a serious problem in the world’s wealthiest country? Yes, says the United Nations’ expert, Philip Alston, who released a report on severe poverty in the United States last month. No, says the US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, or at least not even close to the extent claimed. In fact, the US released a report  last week claiming that the US’ war on poverty was “largely over.” Haley also published an op-ed dismissing the Alston report as “patently ridiculous.” This was in part because, she said, the vast majority in the US do not live in poverty and also because Read More

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Miss Universe Beauty 

First Ever Black Miss Universe Great Britain ‘Won Crown With Dreads’

United Kingdom (Sputnik) – Dee-Ann Rogers will now represent the UK in one of the most high-profile beauty pageants, Miss Universe 2018. Raised in the British Overseas Territory of Anguilla, the 25-year-old claimed the title of Miss Universe Great Britain, beating over other 30 contestants from Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. “I have always wanted to use my life to make an impact and to contribute and I will be using the title of Miss Universe Great Britain to encourage women to believe in themselves and to forge ahead with their dreams. The UK is a multicultural society and I am proud to represent its ideals of tolerance, diversity, beauty and feminism,” Ms. Rogers said. Read More

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Human Rights 

First Comprehensive Study on Child Abuse in Madagascar Points to Alarming Level of Violence

Madagascar (GV) – Since the Convention on the Rights of the Child was signed in 1991, Madagascar has been multiplying its efforts to implement policies that protect child rights and created more than 750 child protection networks within the country since 2004. Despite this progress, abuse, violence, sexual exploitation and forced labor are still a tragic reality which silently occurs behind closed doors. According to a report released by the Malagasy State and UNICEF, every second young Malagasy claims to have been the victim of violence at school, and nine kids out of ten have been beaten by their Read More

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