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You’re Not Helping

United States (GREED) – It is another morning I must awaken to. I am fatigued, and a year’s worth of sleep would not help. In a few hours, I will suffer headaches, among other disturbing symptoms.

Yet, many people claim my daily battles are fake or made up. Mainstream and alternative media has painted mental illness in a disturbing light. The Citizens Commission for Human Rights argue that mental illness is merely a scheme for profit because it isn’t caused by bacteria. According to their website, certain psychiatrists claim that biochemical imbalances do not exist.

Psychology Today states mental health diagnoses “are useful descriptions of the very real suffering that people can experience. Even given its limitations, the concept of mental illness has helped to structure the mental health field for decades, helps connect people to the care they need, and is unlikely to go away any time soon.

I like the above description. However, insisting that mental illness is bullshit can lead an already emotionally unstable brain to wreak havoc on itself.

The brain is the second largest organ and most complex in the human body. How is it so hard to comprehend that the same organ responsible for hormones and chemicals, emotions and thought, breathing and movement might misfire?

I admit most people (especially spiritual) are trying to help. But all those lovely ideations turn to pure hell when sufferers are forced to question their demons whom cannot be brushed off, even if the symptoms are said to be acknowledged.

Moreover, no mental health professional would claim that psychiatric issues stem from some intrusive bug or something. Both professionals and patients understand that a psychiatric diagnosis is merely a cluster of symptoms,causes, and signs which are organized and labeled.

Despite all my efforts, I can’t just wish my illnesses (or disorders, perhaps) away. That seems to be hard to believe by many. All I can do is accept it then address it.

As Psych Central explains: “How do you cure mental illness? The answer — you don’t. You help people understand what it is, learn and engage new ways of coping with its symptoms, and help them do the best they can with the resources they have available.” The first step to anything is acceptance.

I awaken to a new day fatigued and in various types of pain. Support is necessary, criticism is not. We the spiritual, the uniting, the paradigm shifters, we need love and understanding. I’ll admit, I loathe the words “mental illness,” too. No matter if it’s spiritual, mental, or emotional; our struggles are very real. To suggest otherwise is invalidating. To those suggesting mental illness isn’t real, here’s some advice: you’re not helping!

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