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Why It Is Dangerous to Watch ‘Game of Thrones’ in Turkey Entertainment 

Why It Is Dangerous to Watch ‘Game of Thrones’ in Turkey

(Sputnik) – Turkish serviceman Cpt. Iskender Gülbahar would never have believed that an ordinary TV series could cause so much trouble for his military career. Back in 2012, Gülbahar and four other Turkish officers were suspended from military service after they allowed their students at a military school to watch the “Game of Thrones”.

The move came after several experts stated that one of the fictional tribes featured in the series as “barbarians” resemble the Turks. They also were dissatisfied with the large amount of “pornographic” scenes and scenes with alcohol consumption.

According to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, Turkey’s Constitutional Court recently decided to reopen and reconsider Gülbahar’s case. The decision came after a long chain of trials and appeals.

The newspaper reports that Gülbahar first appealed to the Supreme Military Administrative Court, which ruled that the decision on his suspension was contrary to the law. As result, Gülbahar received his job back, but not for long.

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense did not agree with the decision of the court and initiated a new investigation against him, during which Gülbahar was again removed from the office.

The man then appealed to the Constitutional Court which found that during the initial investigation Gülbahar’s right to a fair trial had been violated. It once again returned the case to the Supreme Military Administrative Court for review and soon Gülbahar is to face a new trial.

“I very much hope that I will be reinstated and be able to return to his work,” Gülbahar told the newspaper.

The captain also told the newspaper that he believes his suspension was initiated by the controversial Gülen movement, started by the Turkish Islamic scholar and preacher Fethullah Gülen who, in the view of Ankara, seeks to depose the current leader.

According to Gülbahar, everyone associated with his dismissal in 2012 has been arrested or removed from office after the attempted military coup in the country that took place on July 15 and was blamed by many on Gülen.

This report prepared by Sputnik.

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