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White Female Immigrant Gunned Down By Muslim Cop: Talking Heads Spontaneously Combust Columns Featured Justice 

White Female Immigrant Gunned Down By Muslim Cop: Talking Heads Spontaneously Combust

United States (GREED) – Editor’s Note: One of our editorial staff recently became so infuriated over the state of our society (we force her to read 500 headlines a day; can you blame her?), that she turned into the Dragon Lady. In the first of what we hope will become a series of spicy editorials, she spews fire over the recent police shooting of Justine Damond. 

In case you missed it, a woman in Minnesota was shot and killed by a police officer responding to her 9-1-1 call. She was calling to report a possible sexual assault in the alley outside her home. That’s the basic story, but like most things the devil really is in the details. In this case, there are a whole lot of details that will rise all sorts of devils from the seventh circle of hell.

The women, Justine Damond, was a liberal job-stealing immigrant*. But she is pretty and she is white. The cop doing the shooting is brown, and Muslim. But he wears a badge and is part of the thin blue line. What to do; what to do?

*So I actually have no clue if she was truly a liberal, but she was a healer and a yoga instructor so using right-wing math, she’s a liberal. I also have no clue if she stole anyone’s job, but you know, immigrants and all. As far as the officer involved, again, no clue as to his religion. I am just employing right-wing math here. He is brown and his name is Mohamed.

Just think of the mental gymnastics required to fit this news story into the prior talking points! I literally am drooling waiting for the word salad possibly being crafted behind the doors of the White House. How will the blue lives matter crowd regurgitate this in a way that doesn’t make sensible human beings cringe just a little bit? Have we come full circle – from black lives matter, to blue lives matter, all the way back to just admitting white lives matter? Will it bring the much-needed discussion to the forefront? Or will it get pushed under the rug, because it causes too much propaganda trauma for the talking heads to try and fit all the pieces into one coherent segment?

I am waiting for the news stories about right-wing conservatives breaking out into stressed-induced tourette’s while waiting in line at the local Walmart self-check out; trying to figure out who is at fault. Who could blame them really?

What will win out here? The unbreakable and unquestioning loyalty to the boys in blue, or the deep seeded hate of Islam and brown people? It can’t be both, so a choice will have to be made.

Image source – Pixabay

Yeah, I know it all sounds brutal. But you know what is truly brutal? An innocent human being being shot and killed by the people they are counting on to protect them. It’s time for it to stop!

No matter your color, your gender, your status in life, no one deserves to be gunned down in the street by a person whose job should be to protect and serve.

If an officer of the law is not experienced enough to do their job – if they are scared of a woman in her pajamas; if they jump at every firecracker that goes off – then they should be fired and they should not be allowed to carry a weapon in the course of their duties! If it is a pattern of behavior, then the training and hiring protocols for law enforcement officers need to be changed! Simple.

I’ll sit and wait for them to investigate themselves, and watch the talking heads perform propaganda lobotomies on the public. Watch them try and explain this pattern of events away and show how everything is fine and how we are all safe and we can go back to our daily lives….

Yeah right, sure I will.


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