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Equality Beyond Labels: How We View Others Matters Culture 

Equality Beyond Labels: How We View Others Matters

Pennsylvania (GREED) – Many people think equality is the idea that people are born the same. We’ve somehow misconstrued this word to mean something that is, indeed, impossible. The dictionary defines equality as “the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.”  

Those of us that believe in equality realize that we are born with differences. We are born in different economic classes. We’re different colors. We are born into different situations. But to those of us who believe, none of those superficial things really matter.

Equality is the only thing that can erase our division. It is about who a person actually is. A person is so much more than the color of his skin or her annual income. The fact that I’m a Caucasian female says nothing as to who I am. It is nothing more than a casing in which my soul reside.

Furthermore, I don’t think my day job says anything about me at all. It’s just something I do for money. Most people are not passionate about their jobs; it is just a means to an end, a solution to financial woes.

I see equality as an idea. It is the idea that people should be treated solely by their choices and actions, despite dividing factors such as class, religion, or race. The idea of equality is the ability to see people for who they are, rather than focusing on random, shallow facts about them. Essentially, equality is nothing more than removing shallow judgement.

Imagine seeing people for who they are instead of what they are. Imagine seeing me more than a white, lower class female. There really is no useful information there. Imagine seeing me as the fighter that I am. Imagine being able to see me as the vulnerable, scared, beaten soul who keeps going. It’s easy to see if you look!

Monica Crowley, a political commentator, has said “True equality means holding everyone accountable in the same way, regardless of race, gender, faith, ethnicity – or political ideology.”  In other words, it is the action of a person that holds meaning, nothing else.

Image Source: Pixabay, Public Domain

That older homeless veteran is more than his tattered clothing, messy hair, and his stench. Those things only tell others that he is homeless. And who knows how he came into such a horrible situation. Maybe the aftermath of war proved too much for him to handle on his own. Maybe he had nowhere to return to. Maybe his veteran status has nothing to do with his present situation, and it was brought on by some other situation entirely. Does his social status really tell us anything about the man he once was, or even is today? NO.

His struggle is a far cry from the orderly, controlled status he once held. Does that really say anything as to his character? Once someone is sent to the streets, it is difficult to create a foundation for a lasting home. But, that isn’t because of the homeless themselves. It’s because of the stigma we give them. In today’s world, where money rules everything, there’s no room to take a chance on someone who is struggling – even though we all are in one way or another.

Einstein explained that “Before God we are all equally wise – and equally foolish.”

There are obviously differences in the human race. Of course we’re not all the exact same on paper, in how we look, or even in how we think. Throw this ‘paper’ away! It holds no value. The only value of a person is in their character. That is the true thread of the human race. Let’s spread the wisdom! True equality means holding everyone accountable in the same way, regardless of race, gender, faith, ethnicity – or political ideology.


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