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The Groundbreaking Life of Murasaki Shikibu #OrdinaryWomen Badass Women 

The Groundbreaking Life of Murasaki Shikibu #OrdinaryWomen

Murasaki Shikibu; a novelist, a poet, and so much more.

This video is part of Greed’s series bringing you the ideas of women from all over the world in hopes of empowering and enriching the lives of our readers. Let us know what you think about the video on our Facebook page.

From Feminist Frequency:

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In 10th century Japan, literary prodigy Murasaki Shikibu wrote the first modern novel at a time when women’s names were rarely even written down.

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Ordinary Women: Daring to Defy History explores the lives and accomplishments of fascinating women who defied gender stereotypes but often found themselves pushed to the sidelines or erased from history books that weren’t ready to acknowledge them. This series is made possible by generous donations to our Seed & Spark crowdfunding campaign for the project.


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