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A Tale of Travel with the TSA Featured Travel 

A Tale of Travel with the TSA

Ohio (GREED) – So I’m at John Glenn Airport in Columbus. I’m going through the TSA. Shoes shed, belt unbuckled, dignity dropped for the privilege of leaving the land of the free and the home of the brave. There’s an ironic little American flag hanging on the x-ray machine. My blood is boiling. It’s pretty normal when I go through security, I avoid flying whenever I can. I obey the orders: A gesture to feed your bag into the privacy invader, please step into the cancer machine, hands up, step through, good job white citizen, you are a serf. Read More

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When Google Maps Fails: Hundreds of Tourists In Norway Misdirected Entertainment Featured Technology Travel 

When Google Maps Fails: Hundreds of Tourists In Norway Misdirected

World (Sputnik) – A non-descript hamlet in Norway has been flooded by hundreds of tourists due to an error in Google Maps. Instead of seeing one of the Nordic country’s premier sights, visitors end up at a small farm. Preikestolen or the Pulpit Rock is one of Norway’s best known attractions and a magnet for tourists. Towering an impressive 604 meters over the Lysefjord, the Pulpit Rock has been consistently named as one of the world’s most scenic views by, among others, CNN Go and Lonely Planet. An annoying blunder by Google Maps, however, has resulted in hundreds of tourists being sent on a winding detour that ends in the tiny Read More

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The Lazy Millennial Guide to Flight-Sharing Featured Unaimed 

The Lazy Millennial Guide to Flight-Sharing

(FEE) – Flying is great, but it’s also horrible. It’s faster than walking, but it’s all just wait wait wait – wait at TSA, wait to board, wait to take off, etc. When you can drive to your destination as fast as you can fly there, something is wrong. And now that TSA is going to become even more creepy, people are starting to re-think how they travel. Is it really worth it? Isn’t there another way? If only we had ridesharing for flights on private jets and planes. Oh wait. There is. But is it a viable option? The Read More

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Salt Cave in Qeshm Island: One of the Masterpieces of Creation Beauty 

Salt Cave in Qeshm Island: One of the Masterpieces of Creation

(Tasnim) – Namakdan salt dome is among natural attractions of Qeshm Island, south of Iran, which attracts a lot of tourists every year. Namakdan salt dome is the only salt dome in Qeshm Island which extends from southern promontory of Salakh anticline up to the northwestern promontory of Basaeedou anticline. With a height of 237 meters and length of over 6,000 meters, this natural attraction is considered as the largest salt cave worldwide. Given its interior salt stalactites and crystals, and saltwater flow outside, Namakdan Cave displays eye-catching scenery as every part of this natural attraction offers a unique view. Read More

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What Rwanda’s Tourists Do Not See Unaimed 

What Rwanda’s Tourists Do Not See

A fascinating article on Rwanda has described the efforts of a Western tourist, Wendy Murphy, in addressing the complex realities of this beautiful country.

Unlike some tourists, Ms. Murphy did her homework before jumping on the plane to Rwanda. She had read up not only about the devastating genocide of 1994 – sadly the only thing many British people know about Rwanda – but also about the country’s rapid development since then. And, being more inquisitive than the average tourist, she had read about President Kagame’s human rights record. So she tweeted the president directly with a simple question: “We are very impressed with your country. What do you say to those who think your methods are dictatorial?” and was amazed when the president replied, encouraging her to tour the country to find out for herself.

Which she duly did, and came to the conclusion that thanks to Kagame’s policies, Rwanda has achieved the seemingly impossible.

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