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It’s Summertime, Where Have All the Children Gone? Health 

It’s Summertime, Where Have All the Children Gone?

United States (ITO) – It’s summer vacation, but you might not know it from the absence of children on streets and sidewalks, in parks and public spaces. Just as afternoons and weekends during the school year are more void of children than ever before, so too is summertime. Where are all of these young ones? Increasingly, they are contained in structured, adult-led, often indoor activities where they are told what to do, what to think, and how to act. Those play-filled afternoons with the neighborhood kids we remember from childhood? Gone. Those long summer days outside with friends, roaming Read More

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The Lazy Millennial Guide to Summer Culture Featured 

The Lazy Millennial Guide to Summer

(FEE) – You’re going along, living your life, buried under blankets in your winter nest, until suddenly you realize: summer is coming. Like, next week. So you settle into your blankets and pull up the internet for inspiration. Pinterest is full of warm colors, sunshine, and looks-effortless-but-definitely-took-half-an-hour hairstyles. Facebook is highlighting ads for 4th of July cocktails and videos about how to have an original summer that’s definitely different than the last time you tried – and failed – to have an original summer. Aggregate websites like Amazon and Fancy have pool party products on the front page: campfire fishing Read More

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