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Student Privacy Tips for Students Technology 

Student Privacy Tips for Students

United States (EFF) – Students: As you get ready to go back to school, add “review your student privacy rights” to your back-to-school to-do list, right next to ordering books and buying supplies. Exciting new technology in the classroom can also mean privacy violations, including the chance that your personal devices and online accounts may be demanded for searches by school personnel. Our student privacy report offers recommendations for several stakeholder groups. In this post, we’ll focus specifically on students. Given that the integration of technology in education affects their data personally, it’s vital that students are especially attentive to what’s being integrated into their curriculum. Below, Read More

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Deep Thinking Students Dissatisfied and Disengaged Education 

Deep Thinking Students Dissatisfied and Disengaged

United States (Intellectual Takeout) – Because American parents, teachers, and government leaders value education so highly, they have long impressed its importance upon the minds of their offspring. But the rise of various distractions in recent years – not the least of which is digital entertainment – have caused many to strive to make learning more interesting, active, and fun. In short, Americans want to be sure that education is engaging. So, just how successful have Americans been in making school engaging, particularly to teenagers? That question was recently asked in a study on student engagement produced by The Thomas B. Fordham Read More

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Kids compete to make the world a better place – and learn, too Unaimed 

Kids compete to make the world a better place – and learn, too

(CN) – When faced with the problem of cleaning up a polluted petrochemical site in Ecuador, a team of urban planners from Arizona turned to “microbial degradation” and “phytoremediation” to biologically break down pollutants on the site. A team of urban planners who are still in middle school. The Veritas Homeschoolers were in Washington this week to compete in the 25th annual Future City Competition, which challenges sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students to design a city of the future that solves problems the city faces today. Each team has an engineering mentor to ensure that their plans are feasible, but Read More

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