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Radical feminists’ objection to sex work is profoundly un-feminist Culture Featured 

Radical feminists’ objection to sex work is profoundly un-feminist

World (Conversation) – Although sex workers around the world lobby for decriminalisation, sex work law remains controversial. This article is part of a series exploring sex work and regulatory reform. While women’s libbers have spent decades fighting to get us dominion over our own bodies, radical feminists have spent almost as long trying to insert caveats. Apparently there are right and egregiously wrong ways to use our bodies – more specifically our genitals – particularly when dollars are involved. For “radfems”, sex work is a metonym for the sins of patriarchy and something that can only ever lead us Read More

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Ask a sex worker Women 

Ask a sex worker

South Africa (GU) – “Ask a sex worker” read a sign above a stall on Cape Town’s Grand Parade on Friday. Members of the public approached the table, some frowning, some nervous, some curious. Smiling members of Sisonke, a national sex worker movement, welcomed their questions. “What is this for?”, “What is it all about?”, “What are you doing?” asked onlookers. Kholi Buthelezi, national coordinator for Sisonke, along with other members of the movement, answered their questions to mark International Sex Workers Rights’ Day, which started when, in 2001, thousands of sex workers in Calcutta, India, gathered at a festival. “Sex workers are just Read More

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