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Survivors use humour to challenge rape culture Badass Women 

Survivors use humour to challenge rape culture

Canada (Conversation) – After Heather Jordan Ross reported her sexual assault, she felt conflicted about mixing it into her standup comedy. She hated rape jokes, but she wanted to talk about her experience. Over beers, her friend Emma Cooper jokingly suggested they put together a comedy night that featured only survivors. The first show went up in Vancouver three weeks later. It sold out, and so did the next two. Rape is Real and Everywhere (RIR&E) was born. RIR&E has since played across Canada, made national and international news and even been the subject of a CBC radio documentary. Read More

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Greedy Hooker: 5 Tips on Avoiding Rape Columns 

Greedy Hooker: 5 Tips on Avoiding Rape

Rape is wrong. That means we should just tell men not to do it, right? Robbery is wrong, but you still put your money in a bank, right? Do you care more about your money than yourself? Most rape doesn’t fall into the ski mask and gun category. Date rape or familial rape is probably the most common, but we don’t know because we don’t report it most times. How can you protect yourself against rape? You can’t completely, but you can try.

Look out for each other: How many times have you heard the story of all of the guys at the party saying it didn’t happen only to hear about the video surfacing later. Men will stick together. We should too. A “girls night out” should mean that you all go out together and you go home together. We won’t let our friend leave the house with a muffin top, but for some reason we don’t say a word when our friend decides to go off with some stranger. If your friend isn’t thinking clearly, it’s ok to step in and stop her from leaving with a stranger, even a hot one. If he’s worth anything, he’ll call. If she’s mad at you the next day, so be it. No destined love is going to be disrupted because they couldn’t shack up the night she was drunk.

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