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White Folks Need to Stop Assuming We Know Everything About Race Featured Human Rights 

White Folks Need to Stop Assuming We Know Everything About Race

United States (OW) – If you don’t understand why football players are taking a knee, take it as a sign you have more to learn. As white people across the nation criticize Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players who “take a knee” for the national anthem, they ought to know something first. White people in America have no idea what life is like for black people in America. How can I make such a broad statement? How would I possibly know? For one thing, I’m white. I grew up in a mostly white town. Like many white people, I was Read More

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Roots of racism: 6 essential reads Featured Human Rights 

Roots of racism: 6 essential reads

(Conversation) – These stories from The Conversation archive explore where racism came from and why it persists. 1. Going back to Europe American University historian Ibram Kendi has traced the history of racist ideas in the U.S. back to the European societies that largely populated our nation. In an essay based on his award-winning book “Stamped from the Beginning,” Kendi rejects the conventional wisdom that hate and ignorance breed racist policies. Rather, Kendi writes: “Time and again, powerful and brilliant men and women have produced racist ideas in order to justify the racist policies of their era.” 2. Myths Read More

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A Tale of Travel with the TSA Featured Travel 

A Tale of Travel with the TSA

Ohio (GREED) – So I’m at John Glenn Airport in Columbus. I’m going through the TSA. Shoes shed, belt unbuckled, dignity dropped for the privilege of leaving the land of the free and the home of the brave. There’s an ironic little American flag hanging on the x-ray machine. My blood is boiling. It’s pretty normal when I go through security, I avoid flying whenever I can. I obey the orders: A gesture to feed your bag into the privacy invader, please step into the cancer machine, hands up, step through, good job white citizen, you are a serf. Read More

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Stop Pretending You’re Surprised Football Fans are Racist Featured Sports 

Stop Pretending You’re Surprised Football Fans are Racist

Kapernick’s protest has brought attention to the flagrant abuses and misdeeds permeating the country and NFL fans are pissed at HIM for ruining the fun. They don’t want to acknowledge the widespread and systematic brutality Black folks have had to suffer under the same flag they view as god’s gift to Earth, because to do so would cause them to begin to question everything they believe about the world and their lives. Far easier for your average inbred caught drunk on a sunday morning to scream and make vague threats of violence, and lo-and-behold that’s exactly what we’ve seen.

Good God, why the hell do you think we all have guns down here? When I heard Trump was going to be holding a rally in my hometown I made it very clear to as many people as possible I was armed and would not hesitate to kill any would-be Klansman that might feel empowered. The neighbors don’t visit as often, but I can’t say the Klan does either.

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