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Toxic beauty, then and now Beauty Featured 

Toxic beauty, then and now

(Conversation) – Throughout history, humans have been willing to try almost any method or product to improve their physical appearance. In response, enterprising businesses and beauty moguls have conspired to sell us almost anything — from water to poison — in the guise of cosmetic treatments. While many cosmetic products have eventually proven to have little efficacy, a significant number have also caused physical harm and even death. Cosmetics and cosmetic surgery are now subject to more stringent regulation than in the 19th century, when lead-based powders and face creams containing poisons were not uncommon. However, even today there Read More

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The ‘Dolls of Culiacan’: New Plastic Surgery Craze Sweeps Mexican Cartel Land Featured Women 

The ‘Dolls of Culiacan’: New Plastic Surgery Craze Sweeps Mexican Cartel Land

Mexico (Sputnik) -Women across Mexico are going mad for a new trend in cosmetic surgery that makes them look like plastic dolls, Sputnik Mundo reported. Women in Mexico’s drug-trafficking regions are setting a new trend: surgical enhancement that makes them look like inflated dolls, Mexican researcher Juan Carlos Ayala told Sputnik Mundo. The trend is particularly prevalent in states such as Sinaloa, a north-western region of Mexico which is a center of drug production and trafficking. Women there, many of whom have connections to drug traffickers, have surgically altered their lips, breasts, buttocks and other body parts in order to look more like dolls. Some of them have even had ribs Read More

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