Nine-Year-Old Girl Books Disneyland Trip After Guessing Dad’s Paypal Password

(Sputnik) – Attention parents and guardians: make sure your Paypal password isn’t obvious or simple. One tech-savvy nine-year-old girl from Immingham, Lincolnshire, gave her father a bone-chilling shock after blowing roughly $1,300 on a dream trip to Disneyland Paris. Ian Wilson, the child’s father, was fast asleep when his daughter, Susan, got ahold of his phone and began a little midnight shopping spree (well, maybe not so little) after figuring out his Paypal password. Dishing out the benjamins, Susan spent over $500 on flights and a hotel gift card, another $300 on a VIP trip to the Eiffel Tower and just shy of another $500 on park tickets and the Disneyland Express Read More

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