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Sometimes the Poor Make It Big. Usually They Stay Poor. Featured Human Rights 

Sometimes the Poor Make It Big. Usually They Stay Poor.

United States (OW) – We’d be a better country if we didn’t rig the game against those whose only mistake was to be born to poor parents. We all want to live in a country where all it takes is hard work and some talent for anyone to succeed. We tell ourselves that we do. We even see examples of people who “came from nothing” and ended up rich and famous. And it’s true that it sometimes happens. Sometimes a child born into poverty grows up to become the president of the United States, a multi-billionaire, or an Olympic gold Read More

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Trigger Happy With Toxins Environment Featured 

Trigger Happy With Toxins

United States (OW) – New varieties of GMOs come with instructions to douse the earth with toxic herbicides. For many years, genetically engineered crops were said to be environmentally responsible. Those crops have genes from different species implanted in them, giving them traits they normally wouldn’t have. Companies like Monsanto that produced such strains claimed they were good for the planet. One genetically engineered crop variety is specifically designed to withstand exposure to Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup, which Monsanto claimed broke down quickly in the soil. With these “Roundup Ready” crops, farmers can spray their entire fields with Roundup, trusting that Read More

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Gender Studies at Hogwarts Women 

Gender Studies at Hogwarts

United Kingdom (OtherWords) – Writers like Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling could help socialize the next generation with a stroke of the pen. J.K. Rowling, author of the bestselling Harry Potter series, just made headlines for an epic tweetstorm condemning misogyny. Referring to women politicians, she tweeted, “femaleness is not a design flaw.” I love J.K. Rowling. I love her books. I’ve read the entire Harry Potter series cover to cover more times than I can count. And I believe J.K. Rowling is a feminist. But her stance on overt misogyny makes me feel a need to call out the much Read More

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