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Hopelessness and Exploitation Inside Homes for Mentally Ill Featured Health 

Hopelessness and Exploitation Inside Homes for Mentally Ill

New York (ProPublica)  – A reporter finds that homes meant to replace New York’s troubled psychiatric hospitals might be just as bad. In the 1960s, New York began to clear out its scandal-ridden psychiatric hospitals. In their place, a new system emerged. Thousands of mentally ill New Yorkers moved into “adult homes,” large apartment complexes concentrated mostly in New York City and its surrounding suburbs. The homes were meant to provide a safer, more humane alternative to the hospitals; they were closer to where many of the patients lived, and promised modest psychiatric care and other services. But decades later, Read More

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‘Pissing Pug’ vs ‘Fearless Girl’: Sculpture Wars in NYC Art Culture 

‘Pissing Pug’ vs ‘Fearless Girl’: Sculpture Wars in NYC

New York (Sputnik) – Something of a sculpture garden is forming in downtown New York, as one piece of art responds to the next in what is becoming a cultural echo chamber in America’s busiest financial hub. Local artist Alex Gardega, seeking to make his mark in a competitive arena, installed his “Pissing Pug” statue within striking distance of the leg of the increasingly famous “Fearless Girl” statue, itself installed as a counter to the rampant “Charging Bull” in downtown New York City’s Wall Street financial district. Wall Street is and has always been about power. Its iconic bull statue is considered by some to symbolize the trampling of any and all contrasting Read More

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