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What OITNB Says About Women’s Prisons & Human Dignity Featured Human Rights 

What OITNB Says About Women’s Prisons & Human Dignity

World (FEE) – There is an unfortunate generalization when it comes to public opinion toward the incarcerated population of this country. While the justice system has failed time and again to actually pursue justice, there is a misconception that all those forced to live behind bars rightfully belong there. Unfortunately, with the continuation of the war on drugs and other archaic policies that seek to punish victimless crimes, there are many people spending time locked away from society who truthfully never belonged there in the first place. But even for those who admittedly made grave mistakes and as a Read More

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Netflix and Win: Movie Streaming Companies Come Out on Top at the 2017 Oscars Entertainment 

Netflix and Win: Movie Streaming Companies Come Out on Top at the 2017 Oscars

(Sputnik) – Digital giants Netflix and Amazon both took home their first-ever Oscars at the prestigious ceremony on February 26. For some experts the win for Netflix and Amazon shows that online streaming services have joined the elite ranks, when it comes to film industry. Amazon won an award for the Iranian film The Salesman, which won in the Best Foreign Film category, while Netflix took home an Oscar for The White Helmets, which won Best Documentary Short. Amazon and the US production company Roadside Attraction’s film Manchester by the Sea, also took home two Oscars for Best Original Screenplay (Kenneth Lonergan) and Best Actor (Casey Affleck). This marks Read More

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13TH FILM REVIEW Entertainment 


(TMV) – I really enjoyed Ava DuVernay’s 13th, an incredible documentary about how black folks in America have been continually oppressed from the moment slavery was abolished. But let me start things off by talking about it’s flaws. 13th is unashamedly partisan. This isn’t to say that the arguments Ava and co make about the animalisation of black people aren’t true – I think there’s no question that’s the case. Shit, I’m not gonna sit here and argue that Nixon and Reagan aren’t evil from a race relations stand point. But the forcefulness in which the film makes its point, Read More

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The Surveillance State Seen through a ‘Black Mirror’ Entertainment 

The Surveillance State Seen through a ‘Black Mirror’

(FEE) – The Netflix series, Black Mirror, has garnered a great deal of attention recently for its Twilight Zone feel which leaves many viewers both slightly disturbed and intrigued. Complete with the same bizarre plot twists that Twilight Zone provided to older generations, some of the episodes of Black Mirror are rather shocking, to say the least. However, while shock value definitely seems to be a primary goal of the series, each episode has deep underlying themes which often include a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to government intervention in a technology-driven world. Permanent Bans “Hated in the Read More

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