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Hopelessness and Exploitation Inside Homes for Mentally Ill Featured Health 

Hopelessness and Exploitation Inside Homes for Mentally Ill

New York (ProPublica)  – A reporter finds that homes meant to replace New York’s troubled psychiatric hospitals might be just as bad. In the 1960s, New York began to clear out its scandal-ridden psychiatric hospitals. In their place, a new system emerged. Thousands of mentally ill New Yorkers moved into “adult homes,” large apartment complexes concentrated mostly in New York City and its surrounding suburbs. The homes were meant to provide a safer, more humane alternative to the hospitals; they were closer to where many of the patients lived, and promised modest psychiatric care and other services. But decades later, Read More

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You’re Not Helping Featured Health 

You’re Not Helping

United States (GREED) – It is another morning I must awaken to. I am fatigued, and a year’s worth of sleep would not help. In a few hours, I will suffer headaches, among other disturbing symptoms. Yet, many people claim my daily battles are fake or made up. Mainstream and alternative media has painted mental illness in a disturbing light. The Citizens Commission for Human Rights argue that mental illness is merely a scheme for profit because it isn’t caused by bacteria. According to their website, certain psychiatrists claim that biochemical imbalances do not exist. Psychology Today states mental health diagnoses Read More

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Children & ADHD Medication: A Huge Experiment, Says Doctor Featured Health 

Children & ADHD Medication: A Huge Experiment, Says Doctor

United States (Intellectual Takeout) – Dr. Leonard Sax is known for making unusual statements regarding raising children. The reason his comments are so unusual? They’re simple common sense, a trait often lacking in modern culture. Dr. Sax’s latest (non-politically correct) statements were made in an interview with C.M. Rubin for the Huffington Post when he raised questions about the intense drug regimen American kids are subjected to, often under the guise of treating ADHD and other related disorders: “American kids are now 10, 20, 50 or 90 times more likely to be on prescription psychiatric medications compared with kids Read More

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Social Media & The Stigmatization of Mental Illness Health 

Social Media & The Stigmatization of Mental Illness

Connecticut (GREED) – Mental illness is on the rise in Western society, and social media is feeding the stigma that prevents so many people from seeking the help they need.  If you are paying attention to current events and consuming any of your news online, chances are you’ve seen it. The House of Representatives passes their health care bill, sending it to the Senate for approval (which, as of this writing, is pending), and angry declarations of “they’re ALL mentally ill” start popping up. A man violently takes the lives of two men on a Portland, Oregon train, badly Read More

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The Outcome of Trauma: What is PTSD? Featured Health 

The Outcome of Trauma: What is PTSD?

World (GREED) – Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a sometimes crippling mental disorder that is the result of psychological injury. when a person has directly experienced or witnessed an extremely traumatic, tragic, or terrifying event sometimes it does real psychological damage. PTSD can happen at any age, even childhood, and can include a wide range of other psychiatric issues, such as depression, anxiety, psychosis, intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, nightmares, panic disorder, agoraphobia, substance abuse, self harm, and many more. The estimated lifetime prevalence of PTSD in the USA is 7-8% overall, with women at a 10% lifetime prevalence and men at Read More

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Light as a Feather Women 

Light as a Feather

“Knees together, thighs apart, collar bones are where we start.” Sayings like these are being shared all over the internet. In a world where many people idolize celebrities with unnaturally tiny waists and thin, slender legs, it’s no wonder many people are becoming increasingly body-conscious. All over the world, teenagers and young adults are starving themselves to “perfection” to achieve their ideal body—sometimes by even purging up any food they may eat.

In the media, most of the celebrities we see are thin, and idolized by many young people. They are taught that to be popular, you must look like them, seeing them as the definition of “perfection.” Because of this, they strive to become like them. Out of everyone being affected by these images, 95% of them are between the ages of 12-25. And in desperate attempts to become like their idols, at the dinner table they are saying “no” to seconds—as well as to firsts.

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