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On: The Perversion Of Police Into Radical Politicized Talking Heads Featured 

On: The Perversion Of Police Into Radical Politicized Talking Heads

(GREED) – It’s becoming difficult to ignore a brazenly open politicization of American policing. This phenomenon excludes the various protests, militarized responses to those protests, and debate choking media both online and on-air. It’s entirely different, and generally not practiced by a majority of police agencies. “We back the badge”, thin blue line, and Blue Lives Matter are charged with polarization, no doubt. They’re inherently different, however, from open endorsements of political parties, and the taunting of an abandoned public. Milwaukee, Wisconsin–like many other cities around the country–isn’t a stranger to this tension. Riots blazed, and military planes patrolled overhead, just Read More

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Distinguishing bias from bullshit Featured 

Distinguishing bias from bullshit

(GU) – Two perspectives on fake news – Dismissing information we don’t like as fake news compromises our reasoning By Jacques Rousseau Objectivity is impossible to achieve. We all have our biases, and on top of that, we all have brains that work to confirm those biases, and to undermine the impact of information that could change our minds. We are of course not helpless in the face of misinformation — we can remind ourselves to read and think about dissenting views, we can debate issues with friends from different parts of the political spectrum, and most importantly perhaps, we can remind ourselves Read More

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