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Real beauty doesn’t need to be retouched Beauty Featured 

Real beauty doesn’t need to be retouched

(Conversation) -The giant global photographic agency, Getty Images, has announced it plans to ban retouching of images of models “to make them look thinner or larger”. The move follows a change to the law in France that requires images where the “body of the model has been modified … to either slim or flesh out her figure” to be accompanied by a “photographie retouchée” label. These are groundbreaking developments which could be incredibly important, not just for the fashion industry, but for generations to come who may no longer grow up with unrealistic expectations of how their bodies should Read More

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This Grocery Store Is *So* You Unaimed 

This Grocery Store Is *So* You

World (FEE) – The problem with food is that it disappears. There’s less of it every time you eat until finally you’re hungry and there really isn’t much left. Then you have to go and buy more and the whole thing starts all over again as you eat some of it on the way home. I swear I spend half my life buying food. If I wake up energetic enough, early enough, and it’s the right season, I’ll go to the farmer’s market, but that doesn’t happen often enough to be a reliable source of food for me. Even ordering Read More

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