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Mass Incarceration is a Women’s Issue, Too Justice 

Mass Incarceration is a Women’s Issue, Too

United States (OW) – Over the last few years, our broken criminal justice system has become a national issue as horrific stories of victims of mass incarceration have made their way into the mainstream media. The dominant narrative around this issue is usually that it disproportionately affects people of color, particularly men. Many folks have heard of Kalief Browder, a New York teenager who took his own life after suffering nearly three years in solitary confinement, all for allegedly stealing a backpack. He was never tried. Fewer people know Maria Elena Hernandez, a retired California housecleaner who was jailed after police rejected Read More

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Weed is Winning the Local War on Drugs Featured Politics 

Weed is Winning the Local War on Drugs

United States (FEE) – Atlanta’s city council is contemplating making a smart move by decriminalizing marijuana possession (up to an ounce) within city limits. The current ludicrous threat of jail time would be replaced with a paltry $75 fine. Many say Atlanta has a major policing problem along racial lines—more black residents are getting arrested for marijuana possession than their white counterparts, to an eery degree. Proponents of this new policy say decriminalization could partially ease those tensions. Currently, punishments vary for first-time possession of up to an ounce. On the second offense, however, you can pay up to $1000 Read More

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