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The Evils Of Reading: A Short History of Literacy Education Featured Literature 

The Evils Of Reading: A Short History of Literacy

World (FEE) – It’s Peak Reading Season: too hot to go outside, too lethargic to do much inside, no holidays coming up for a while. Polls and anecdotes are probably telling you that reading is on the decline – people just don’t read like they used to! – but it turns out that depends on what demographic you’re looking at, and it’s a bit embarrassing for the old people shaking their heads over “kids these days.” The modern obsession with reading is just that: a modern obsession. If you’re looking at people over the age of 65, your thought is right. Read More

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The Mummy: what our obsession with ancient Egypt reveals Entertainment Featured 

The Mummy: what our obsession with ancient Egypt reveals

(Conversation) – With another version of The Mummy menacing cinemas, the “curse of the pharaohs” is back. Again. Hollywood’s determination to put marauding mummies in our sights suggests we still haven’t reached “peak curse”, almost a century after the sudden death of Lord Carnarvon made headlines. So why was the idea of ill-fated Egyptology so alluring in the 1920s, when Carnarvon and Howard Carter found Tutankhamun’s tomb – and why does it keep returning to haunt us? One answer is that our obsessions are never really about the ancient past. They arise from the perspective people develop at a Read More

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Beauty in Argentina (VIDEO) Beauty 

Beauty in Argentina (VIDEO)

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Argentina’s Declaration of Independence, released the powerful video “100 Years of Beauty: Argentina” (100 años de belleza: Argentina), the 24th video in the 100 Years of Beauty series.

Uploaded to YouTube on 26 October, this tribute to Argentina takes scarcely more than a minute to use the changing trends in feminine beauty to summarise the significant historical events and cultural icons that have marked every decade of Argentinian history since 1910. It is the story of an entire century told in images and symbols.

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