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Are high heels bad for your health? Health 

Are high heels bad for your health?

(Conversation) – The answer to the question: “Are high heels bad for your health?” may seem obvious to some. There is copious research into the manifold ways that high heels affect their wearers’ well-being, but it is highly fragmented, often focusing on specific health issues. Plus, there is also research that shows benefits to wearing high heels. We decided to take the many factors involved in high heel health into account and conduct the first systematic review of research into both the benefits and harms of high heel wear. We identified 506 individual studies on the issue of high Read More

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On Feminism and Marvel’s Wonder Woman Entertainment Featured Women 

On Feminism and Marvel’s Wonder Woman

World (FEE) – I’ll be honest: I went to see Wonder Woman with zero expectations. I was aware that some extreme feminists were already angry about it because she doesn’t have hairy armpits or something, but all I wanted was a couple hours of entertainment. I hadn’t done much research on the movie or even seen many trailers. Actually, leading up to the movie, most of my attention was on the pre-movie dinner. I did, however, hope that this first modern woman-centric superhero movie wasn’t going to mess it up. I’m not boycotting Marvel for all their man-centric movies, but Read More

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