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Greed Music: Susy Sun’s ‘Selfish Love’ Featured Music 

Greed Music: Susy Sun’s ‘Selfish Love’

Los Angeles (Girl Underground) – Dripping with feel good indie-pop, Los Angeles-based artist Susy Sun, takes the act of being selfish from a relationship to a larger platform for her “Selfish Love” video, off her self-titled EP. The sweet tune is basked in the warm rays of Southern California and displays the beauty that is all around us, simultaneously also revealing how the simple act of “turning the other way” dissolves this very beauty. A post shared by Susy Sun (@susysunmusic) on Jun 14, 2017 at 10:21am PDT “The song itself is touching on the idea of being selfish in a relationship, but for the video I widened the scope and wanted to Read More

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We’re In ‘Instant Love’ With Rachel Fannan’s “Don’t Worry, Baby.” Music 

We’re In ‘Instant Love’ With Rachel Fannan’s “Don’t Worry, Baby.”

World (Girl Underground) – If you needed another reason to love Rachel Fannan (this jumpsuit for Big Bud Press is one of them) the current The Bomb’s front-woman has proved yet again that her talent is as diverse as the world we live in. If familiar with Fannan’s current project, The Bomb, the attitude and delivery is born from concentrated classic Rock N’ Roll; a refreshing modern sound that bares it’s skeleton from the greats and pushed over the top by Fannan’s  vocals. A post shared by rocker poet passion magnet (@rachelfannan) on May 18, 2017 at 3:42pm PDT Everybody’s Famous Read More

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Self-Love and Strength Shine Through In Sabrina Claudio’s Sexy New Single “Unravel Me” Music 

Self-Love and Strength Shine Through In Sabrina Claudio’s Sexy New Single “Unravel Me”

Los Angeles (Girl Underground) – Some may argue that giving yourself away is beautiful, while others may look down at this act and hail towards lack of self-worth. If we are but a reflection of what we value within ourselves, can giving the most intimate version of yourself be seen as an act of courageous self-love? Los Angeles-based artist Sabrina Claudio and her track “Unravel Me” gracefully reassures viewers and listeners in the art of love–to ones’ self and another, in that order. A post shared by SC (@sabrinaclaudio) on May 8, 2017 at 5:30pm PDT Delicately shot with a soft Read More

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Greed Music: Danii Roundtree’s Sweet Sounds Music 

Greed Music: Danii Roundtree’s Sweet Sounds

New York (Girl Underground) – With the smooth retro whisper of a Sunday morning, soul artist Danii Roundtree sweetens our morning coffee with her newest single ‘Crave’.  Certainly, Danii Roundtree is a multi-faceted powerhouse of beauty and talent, holding the title of Miss New York USA 2008 and competing in the Miss USA 2008 pageant. She was also an American Idol finalist in the show’s 8th season, proving that she can appeal to even the broadest audiences. Still, Danii Roundtree doesn’t compromise on talent and hard work despite having a litany of assets to rely on. She discovered her love Read More

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