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Are high heels bad for your health? Health 

Are high heels bad for your health?

(Conversation) – The answer to the question: “Are high heels bad for your health?” may seem obvious to some. There is copious research into the manifold ways that high heels affect their wearers’ well-being, but it is highly fragmented, often focusing on specific health issues. Plus, there is also research that shows benefits to wearing high heels. We decided to take the many factors involved in high heel health into account and conduct the first systematic review of research into both the benefits and harms of high heel wear. We identified 506 individual studies on the issue of high Read More

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Restricting Women’s Clothing – and Freedom Featured Human Rights 

Restricting Women’s Clothing – and Freedom

Belgium (HRW) – European Court Upholds Ban on Face Coverings The European Court of Human Rights has struck another blow to women’s autonomy, ruling in favor of bans on full-face veils enacted in 2011 in Belgium. Echoing a 2014 ruling in S.A.S v. France, the court cited the vague idea of “living together” as justification for the bans. Nowhere does the European Convention on Human Rights state that “living together” can be adequate grounds for restricting rights. The court accepted the Belgian government’s argument that wearing clothing that obstructs the face is “incompatible, in Belgian society, with social communication and, more generally the establishment of Read More

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A Tale of Travel with the TSA Featured Travel 

A Tale of Travel with the TSA

Ohio (GREED) – So I’m at John Glenn Airport in Columbus. I’m going through the TSA. Shoes shed, belt unbuckled, dignity dropped for the privilege of leaving the land of the free and the home of the brave. There’s an ironic little American flag hanging on the x-ray machine. My blood is boiling. It’s pretty normal when I go through security, I avoid flying whenever I can. I obey the orders: A gesture to feed your bag into the privacy invader, please step into the cancer machine, hands up, step through, good job white citizen, you are a serf. Read More

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I Had the Best Bad Day Possible Women 

I Had the Best Bad Day Possible

(FEE) – I woke up grumpy. And early. As the morning progressed, everything showed signs of displeasing me. My to do lists were too tedious. All my friends were busy, off living decadent lives, filled with pancakes, hash brown casserole, and errands. I felt lonely. Facing the Day Irritated, I bounded out of bed, to my dresser where my makeup collection lay spread before me, a delicious feast of saturated paint, sparkle, and untapped expression. I wanted my eyes to spit fire at the world, to match my temper, so I rimmed my eye sockets in a layer of burnt Read More

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