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Why Buying Brunch is Better Than Buying A Home Culture Featured 

Why Buying Brunch is Better Than Buying A Home

World (FEE) – Millennials may not be spending money the same way our parents and grandparents had in the past, but in many ways, that’s a good thing. Millennials choosing brunch over homes is simply a manifestation of preference. The generations who came before have not always demonstrated the greatest economic prudence. After all, young Americans didn’t get the country into $19 trillion of national debt. However, when it comes to telling millennials how we should handle our finances, many are quick to self-righteously critique our decisions and hand out unstinting advice. Millionaire Tim Gurner recently criticized his fellow millennials Read More

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May Madness: School Stress Causing Mental Illness In Children Education Featured 

May Madness: School Stress Causing Mental Illness In Children

World (FEE) – May can be a particularly dangerous month for schoolchildren. According to 13 years of recent data collected on mental health emergency room visits at Connecticut Children’s Mental Health Center in Hartford, May typically has the most. Under Pressure Boston College psychology professor, Peter Gray, looked more closely at this data and found that children’s mental health is directly related to school attendance. Dr. Gray found that children’s psychiatric ER visits drop precipitously in the summer and rise again once school begins. The May spike likely coincides with end-of-school academic and social pressures. The suicide rate among 10 Read More

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Fidget Spinning Explained, Defended, and Celebrated Culture 

Fidget Spinning Explained, Defended, and Celebrated

(FEE) – A parent was discussing her child’s obsession with home-made edible slime, feeling some relief that this trend had displaced the annoying bottle-flipping craze of early 2016. Unbeknownst to her, slime is about to be displaced in turn by the newest fashion: fidget spinning. What makes this one unique is that it has the wide demographic appeal of the model of all temporary fandoms: the brilliant pet rock itself. It is as likely to be seen in middle-school lunchrooms, if they haven’t already been banned, as on trading floors of Wall Street. As with the other viral fads, Read More

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This Grocery Store Is *So* You Unaimed 

This Grocery Store Is *So* You

World (FEE) – The problem with food is that it disappears. There’s less of it every time you eat until finally you’re hungry and there really isn’t much left. Then you have to go and buy more and the whole thing starts all over again as you eat some of it on the way home. I swear I spend half my life buying food. If I wake up energetic enough, early enough, and it’s the right season, I’ll go to the farmer’s market, but that doesn’t happen often enough to be a reliable source of food for me. Even ordering Read More

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Adults-Only Observations: Five Bad Things and Five Good Things about Life Good News 

Adults-Only Observations: Five Bad Things and Five Good Things about Life

World (FEE) – As life proceeds, you collect ever-more interesting observations about how things work: things you cannot fathom in youth but which you gradually come to realize later in life. People don’t tell you these things when you are young. What I’m going to tell you is supposed to remain proprietary information of people of middle age. But I don’t believe in proprietary information. Let’s just lay it all out. Five Bad Things No one is ever wrong. People will defend an opinion or an action until the end, even if every bit of logic and evidence runs contrary. Read More

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The Lazy Millennial Guide To Avoid Exercise Featured Health 

The Lazy Millennial Guide To Avoid Exercise

World (FEE) – I don’t know a single person who actually enjoys exercise. Who would rather pick heavy things up and put them back down again over and over until they’re in pain and out of breath rather than watch Netflix with a beer, a snack, and a fluffy blanket? I think the internet made those exercise lovers up to trick us all into thinking it was cool to like exercise, because there’s no other way we’d do it except for vanity and bragging rights. Where is evolution in all this technological advancement? Do we get the benefits of 50 Read More

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What Dracula’s Backstory Says about Moral Choices Entertainment Featured 

What Dracula’s Backstory Says about Moral Choices

(FEE) – You can learn about morality from holy scripture, religious traditions, great philosophers, or a lifetime of varied experience. But you can also learn from implausible sources like popular movies. This happened to me. I learned something profound – a genuine intellectual revelation – from what is now one of my favorite movies. Or rather: this movie put together for me many themes I had read in the past but had not entirely framed up in my mind. The movie is Dracula Untold (2014). It delighted me from the first frame to the last. It is a tremendously entertaining movie that Read More

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Weed is Winning the Local War on Drugs Featured Politics 

Weed is Winning the Local War on Drugs

United States (FEE) – Atlanta’s city council is contemplating making a smart move by decriminalizing marijuana possession (up to an ounce) within city limits. The current ludicrous threat of jail time would be replaced with a paltry $75 fine. Many say Atlanta has a major policing problem along racial lines—more black residents are getting arrested for marijuana possession than their white counterparts, to an eery degree. Proponents of this new policy say decriminalization could partially ease those tensions. Currently, punishments vary for first-time possession of up to an ounce. On the second offense, however, you can pay up to $1000 Read More

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An Ode to Onion Rings Food 

An Ode to Onion Rings

(FEE) – I’s wonderful that modern society is prosperous enough that we can spend our hard-earned discretionary income on luxuries unimaginable to humans from centuries past. These luxuries include cars and computers, but also feature the simple and ubiquitous features of modern life. Take the onion ring. Made of two basic components, the onion and the breading, subsequently deep fried in fat or oil, the onion ring is almost entirely devoid of substantive nutritional value. It is an amazing luxury that modern man is so wealthy, and so well-fed, that he can eat fried, breaded onions solely for pleasure. Read More

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Caffeine, the Law, and Me Featured Health 

Caffeine, the Law, and Me

(FEE) –  I was talking with a non-coffee-drinking friend recently, and mentioned that I was probably going to have to bring caffeinated tea with me on an upcoming trip because there wasn’t going to be a coffeemaker there. “Addict,” he said. “Nuh uh,” I responded brilliantly. “When’s the last time you went two days without coffee?” he countered. “Two weeks ago,” I shot back. “Three days?” he asked. “… It happened, I just don’t take note of when I do and don’t drink coffee.” Which was a perfectly reasonable response. “Uh huh,” he rolled his eyes. “I am not Read More

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