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Confessions of a Plus-Size Fashionista Beauty 

Confessions of a Plus-Size Fashionista

(FEE) – For too long, young, plus-size women only had access to dated styles, ugly knits, and ghastly floral prints. No longer! was in middle school when I fell in love with a pair of light-wash, glitter-coated jeans. They were so cool. When my beautiful and fashionable older sister passed them over the fitting room door to me, I knew I had to have them. I told my mom that they fit and she, happy to have found a piece of clothing for her chubby, hard-to-fit daughter, bought them for me. But she didn’t know, and I didn’t tell anyone, Read More

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3 Lessons Activists Can Learn from Taylor Swift Activism 

3 Lessons Activists Can Learn from Taylor Swift

(FEE) – Swift uses humor and cleverness to become the voice that dominates the conversation. Taylor Swift’s ascent from country darling to international superstar has captivated the media and the hearts of millions for more than ten years. Her journey wasn’t the straight-to-the-top narrative new fans may imagine: while Taylor’s name has been on lips for the last decade, the words that have passed those lips have not been wholly kind. Early on, Ms. Swift developed a reputation that has become the artistic catalyst for an album that promises to deliver banger after banger. She’s been called every name Read More

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In Praise Of Virtue Signaling Culture 

In Praise Of Virtue Signaling

(FEE) – Virtue signaling shouldn’t be vilified; it’s just a part of human interaction. ccusations of “virtue signaling” have become ubiquitous in online debate. It’s practically a Law of the Internet that, as soon as a controversial opinion is expressed, a commenter will appear to magnanimously and courageously set the record straight by explaining that, actually, it should be ignored because the author is just trying to look good for his or her in-group. Yet despite the horror with which internet lurkers recoil at the slightest hint of it, the practice of virtue signaling is not a bad thing, and Read More

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Private Enterprise Is Securing Freedom for Women in Kenya Featured Human Rights 

Private Enterprise Is Securing Freedom for Women in Kenya

Kenya (FEE) – A community of women in Kenya are striking out on their own and using free-market tools to build a better life for themselves. In Africa, women have long been hindered by a lack of social and financial independence, especially in poorer regions. Local cultures have imposed dependency on men, often forcing poor families to live off of a single income. Women’s financial and professional prospects are often bleak. The patriarchal system that exists in most areas of the African continent casts women as subject to domestic abuse and maltreatment. Additionally, many customs and traditions held sacred in Read More

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Helping Hurricane Victims: There’s an App for That Charity Featured 

Helping Hurricane Victims: There’s an App for That

United States (FEE) – How a P2P app bypassed “Big Charity” and paid for the Cajun Navy’s gas during Hurricane Harvey. Everyone talks about changing the world. Gret Glyer is actually doing it. When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, Glyer contacted the “Cajun Navy”—volunteers from Louisiana who went to Houston to rescue flood victims. He asked how he could best support their efforts to rescue stranded Texans. After chatting, Glyer set up a new project on DonorSee, an app he himself created. Twenty-four hours later, he sent the Cajun Navy $5,000 to pay for gas. Three days later, $5,000 more. Within three Read More

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A Woman’s Place Is in the Grow House Be Greedy Featured 

A Woman’s Place Is in the Grow House

United States (FEE) – The stigma surrounding marijuana is rapidly disappearing. Medical and recreational use is increasing dramatically. Today an entirely new sector is breaking “grass” ceilings as never before. Marijuana plants can be either male or female. Only female plants can yield the “bud” that both black and legal markets seek. It is poetic, then, that women are dominating the legalized cannabis industry. A Green Frontier You might not associate the divine feminine with something as “unsavory” as smoking weed. But as the old Reefer Madness era comes to an end, it has become apparent to most of Read More

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Cryptocurrency Pioneers: 90 Days On Bitcoin Featured Technology 

Cryptocurrency Pioneers: 90 Days On Bitcoin

United States (FEE) – Utah is known primarily for its annual Sundance Film Festival, its abundant Mormon population, and an affinity for Jell-O salad that even its residents don’t fully understand. But what is less known about the Beehive State is that it is often on the cutting edge of technological breakthroughs, and cryptocurrency has been no exception. The newlyweds were about to spend the next three months living solely on Bitcoin. In fact, the University of Utah was one of the first colleges to join ARPANET—an early form of the internet created exclusively for the Department of Defense— Read More

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The Evils Of Reading: A Short History of Literacy Education Featured Literature 

The Evils Of Reading: A Short History of Literacy

World (FEE) – It’s Peak Reading Season: too hot to go outside, too lethargic to do much inside, no holidays coming up for a while. Polls and anecdotes are probably telling you that reading is on the decline – people just don’t read like they used to! – but it turns out that depends on what demographic you’re looking at, and it’s a bit embarrassing for the old people shaking their heads over “kids these days.” The modern obsession with reading is just that: a modern obsession. If you’re looking at people over the age of 65, your thought is right. Read More

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Colorado to Criminalize Screen Time for Kids Politics 

Colorado to Criminalize Screen Time for Kids

Colorado (FEE) – If a Colorado initiative gets its way 49 other states are going to be looking like anarcho-capitalist havens. Initiative 29 or the “Preservation of a Natural childhood” could make selling smartphones, tablets, and any sort of handheld wireless technology to anyone aged 13 and younger illegal which is anything but natural. The title attempts to conjure up delightful images of a childhood free from responsibility, being driven to hockey practice, playing late into the night, and the parental figures providing all of life’s necessities. However, this image is very unnatural. Neither electricity or cars are part of a natural Read More

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Without Government, Who Will Keep Us Safe From Teenage Entrepreneurs? Human Rights Politics 

Without Government, Who Will Keep Us Safe From Teenage Entrepreneurs?

World (FEE) – Tourists taking a stroll around the national monuments this past weekend might have wondered what horrible crime was committed by a group of black teenagers sitting handcuffed and detained on the sidewalk. But while imaginations may run wild, the truth of the matter is extremely tame; the only offense these teens were guilty of was selling bottled water without first asking the government for permission. If this seems like an overreaction on the part of law enforcement, that is because it absolutely is. However, this over-enforcement has become all too common when it comes to youthful Read More

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