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How farming giant seaweed can feed fish and fix the climate Environment Featured 

How farming giant seaweed can feed fish and fix the climate

World (Conversation) – Bren Smith, an ex-industrial trawler man, operates a farm in Long Island Sound, near New Haven, Connecticut. Fish are not the focus of his new enterprise, but rather kelp and high-value shellfish. The seaweed and mussels grow on floating ropes, from which hang baskets filled with scallops and oysters. The technology allows for the production of about 40 tonnes of kelp and a million bivalves per hectare per year. The kelp draw in so much carbon dioxide that they help de-acidify the water, providing an ideal environment for shell growth. The CO₂ is taken out of Read More

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Sustainable Farming Is The Future Environment Science and Nature 

Sustainable Farming Is The Future

United States (ANHUSA) – Industry says we need conventional/GMO farming to feed the world. Here’s why they’re wrong. David Montgomery, PhD, professor of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington, recently pointed out that regenerative farming practices that restore fertility to soil will be the key to the future of agriculture. Consider these facts: Family farms produce three-quarters of the world’s food; Three-quarters of the world’s farms are smaller than one hectare (about the size of a city block); Small, diversified farms produce more than twice as much food per acre than industrialized farms. This is partly because Read More

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