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Teaching Little Girls To Lead Featured Women 

Teaching Little Girls To Lead

World (Conversation) – By the age of two, most children use gender pronouns in their speech and proactively identify people as men and women. And by the time they turn seven, little boys and little girls have already learnt a lot about what is expected of them within our – binary – gender system. Much of this learning is unintentional, communicated via pop culture. A few years ago, a researchers from Granada University analysed 621 characters of both sexes from 163 cartoon series, including Monster High and Shin Chan. They found that women are largely relegated to secondary roles: Read More

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#RealizedIWas: One Woman’s Journey From Shame to Self-Love Featured Human Rights 

#RealizedIWas: One Woman’s Journey From Shame to Self-Love

Illinois (GREED) – Back in February of this year, CNN started the #realizediwasblack social media movement. A video was posted on Facebook with several notable Black celebrities and public figures, each of them describing the moment they realized they were Black. All of the stories varied from one another, by age or location or by the level of cruelty. But as different as each story was from the rest, they were also very much the same. Each person could recall the traumatizing moment in which their Blackness was used to try and break them. After watching the video, I Read More

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Who wears the pants in a relationship matters – especially if you’re a woman Women 

Who wears the pants in a relationship matters – especially if you’re a woman

(Conversation) – When it comes to power in romantic relationships, men are often cast as dominant and women as deferential. But working against this are caricatures of domineering women with their “hen-pecked husbands” and “whipped boyfriends.” At the same time, popular culture is replete with representations of striving and self-serving women – from celebrities like Beyoncé to the TV show “Girls” – who engage in relationships with men as social equals on a level playing field. The idea that during relationship conflicts, women can be just as volatile, combative and aggressive as men – what researchers refer to as Read More

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Equality Beyond Labels: How We View Others Matters Culture 

Equality Beyond Labels: How We View Others Matters

Pennsylvania (GREED) – Many people think equality is the idea that people are born the same. We’ve somehow misconstrued this word to mean something that is, indeed, impossible. The dictionary defines equality as “the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.”   Those of us that believe in equality realize that we are born with differences. We are born in different economic classes. We’re different colors. We are born into different situations. But to those of us who believe, none of those superficial things really matter. Equality is the only thing that can erase our division. Read More

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