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To the Bone: creating eating disorder awareness or doing harm? Health 

To the Bone: creating eating disorder awareness or doing harm?

Australia (Conversation) – To the Bone – a film about a turning point in a young woman’s battle with anorexia nervosa – has attracted comment from mental health professionals and advocates. Critics have concerns it could cause or worsen eating disorder symptoms. The writer-director of To the Bone assured audiences she wished to dispel myths, not do harm. So which aspects of the new film might do harm, and which might educate the audience in a positive way? How might the film cause harm? It’s important to be clear that this film isn’t going to cause an eating disorder in Read More

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Light as a Feather Women 

Light as a Feather

“Knees together, thighs apart, collar bones are where we start.” Sayings like these are being shared all over the internet. In a world where many people idolize celebrities with unnaturally tiny waists and thin, slender legs, it’s no wonder many people are becoming increasingly body-conscious. All over the world, teenagers and young adults are starving themselves to “perfection” to achieve their ideal body—sometimes by even purging up any food they may eat.

In the media, most of the celebrities we see are thin, and idolized by many young people. They are taught that to be popular, you must look like them, seeing them as the definition of “perfection.” Because of this, they strive to become like them. Out of everyone being affected by these images, 95% of them are between the ages of 12-25. And in desperate attempts to become like their idols, at the dinner table they are saying “no” to seconds—as well as to firsts.

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