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It’s Time to Reclaim Beauty Beauty Featured 

It’s Time to Reclaim Beauty

World (OpenDemocracy) – And that begins with recognising that our seemingly natural preferences are deeply implicit products of oppression. We met at university abroad. We were bound to meet, a natural pair – the Indian girls – wonderfully brown in a sea of apologetic white privilege. Our peers were just what you would expect from a student body at an elite European university: liberal, crème-de-la-crème folks, as eager as we were to diversify their social circles, and full of warmth when it came to embracing ‘the other’. So-called cultural barriers seemed to dissipate as we laughed amiably over chai-tea and Read More

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An Ode to Onion Rings Food 

An Ode to Onion Rings

(FEE) – I’s wonderful that modern society is prosperous enough that we can spend our hard-earned discretionary income on luxuries unimaginable to humans from centuries past. These luxuries include cars and computers, but also feature the simple and ubiquitous features of modern life. Take the onion ring. Made of two basic components, the onion and the breading, subsequently deep fried in fat or oil, the onion ring is almost entirely devoid of substantive nutritional value. It is an amazing luxury that modern man is so wealthy, and so well-fed, that he can eat fried, breaded onions solely for pleasure. Read More

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Hailed as Progressive Move, New Emojis Include Gender Neutral, Hijabi Faces Entertainment 

Hailed as Progressive Move, New Emojis Include Gender Neutral, Hijabi Faces

(Sputnik) – The Unicode Consortium’s list of 56 new emojis has been released for 2017, and features some of the most progressive and inclusive representations yet seen in the tiny digital images.   This set of emojis includes 183 sequences of skin tone variations, flags and gender. Ten of the new emojis will be gender neutral, with most vendors likely to support 69 images, including 24 alternatives to five different skin complexions. There will even be an emoji with a woman wearing a hijab. The list also includes wizards, elves, fairies and new food items. This report prepared by Sputnik

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