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Real beauty doesn’t need to be retouched Beauty Featured 

Real beauty doesn’t need to be retouched

(Conversation) -The giant global photographic agency, Getty Images, has announced it plans to ban retouching of images of models “to make them look thinner or larger”. The move follows a change to the law in France that requires images where the “body of the model has been modified … to either slim or flesh out her figure” to be accompanied by a “photographie retouchée” label. These are groundbreaking developments which could be incredibly important, not just for the fashion industry, but for generations to come who may no longer grow up with unrealistic expectations of how their bodies should Read More

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Harmony Inside and Out: The Plus-Size Models Who Live Life to the Full Beauty 

Harmony Inside and Out: The Plus-Size Models Who Live Life to the Full

(Sputnik) – Plus-size models often come under fire for promoting obesity propaganda and are abused for their extra pounds. But as the saying goes, haters gonna hate. Meanwhile, many of these curvy ladies actually live a life of harmony, in love with themselves and with their other halves, who see beyond the superficial exterior. Ever since the Body Positive Movement swept the world and even entered the hallowed halls of the fashion industry, the phenomenon has created just as many admirers and supporters as well as it has haters. While ill-wishers describe famous plus-size models as “unattractive” and blame them for promoting an unhealthy lifestyle, Read More

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Greedy Hooker: Women Shouldn’t Be ‘Comfortable’ With Their Bodies Columns Featured 

Greedy Hooker: Women Shouldn’t Be ‘Comfortable’ With Their Bodies

I’m an escort, a hooker, streetwalker, tramp, sex worker, or whatever you want to call me. I sleep with men and sometimes women for money. I make a very good living doing it. I never really considered being a columnist. I was asked to write about something women need to know that only a person in the oldest profession could tell them. I thought about it and within five minutes I knew I might only have one chance to get a message out to women that really needs to be heard. A column by an escort probably won’t have a long run time, so I need to make each article count. The most important thing I think women need to know is that they are hot. There’s a lot of public messaging going around right now telling women they should be comfortable with how they look. That’s crap. You don’t need to be “comfortable” with how you look.

You can be comfortable with being in a jail cell. You just accept the state of things and go to sleep on your plastic covered mattress. You need to know that you are hot. You’re beautiful. You’re gorgeous. You are exactly what somebody out there wants. In my line of work, I meet all kinds of people looking for all sorts of things. Whatever your body type, weight, complexion, or physical impairment is: there are people who aren’t just accepting of it, they love it. There’s no reason to “accept” your body. Love it, somebody else out there certainly does.

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