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Science Says Psychedelics Induce Higher Level of Conciousness Health Science and Nature 

Science Says Psychedelics Induce Higher Level of Conciousness

World (Sputnik) – A study of brain scans by researchers at the University of Sussex and Imperial College London has revealed the psychedelic drugs LSD, ketamine and psilocybin do in fact induce heightened states of consciousness, confirming the claims of psychedelic advocates that have abounded since the psychotropic 1960s. The team administered the drugs to healthy volunteers, measuring their neuron activity post-dosage using magnetoencephalographic (MEG) scans. The scans revealed test subjects experienced more random brain activity than normal while under the influence, which produced a panopl of peculiar feelings. Participants reported feelings of floating, time dilation and disassociation. “What we find is that under each of these Read More

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Selfie Mania Triggers a Wave of ‘Killfies’ in India Technology 

Selfie Mania Triggers a Wave of ‘Killfies’ in India

India (Sputnik) – India remains the leading country with the highest number of selfie-related deaths, followed by Pakistan, the United States and Russia, according to a study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University. Nisha Khanna, a psychologist from India, told Sputnik that selfie addiction requires professional help. The photo phenomenon caught people’s attention worldwide and, voila, the selfie was born. Now, three years later in India, the selfie has transmogrified bizarrely into the ‘killfie’. The word may sound unwieldy and macabre but many Indians have paid with their lives in their pursuit of the perfect and zany selfie. Hence, ‘killfie’. In the most recent case, a 15-year-old Read More

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Unclean Confessions: The Reality of Addiction Featured Health 

Unclean Confessions: The Reality of Addiction

Lancaster, Pennsylvania (GREED) – Is addiction a choice or a disease? It certainly isn’t good, right? So why do addicts keep getting high? Why do they become so cold; how can they care about ONLY getting the next fix?  Here is some insight from those who have suffered addiction. My only hope is to help all gain some understanding. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? There are many reasons someone may decide to start using. It could be for fun, in celebration, for relief of a feeling, pain, anxiety, or practically anything else. I know of no one that thought, “I’m going Read More

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