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Nine-Year-Old Girl Books Disneyland Trip After Guessing Dad’s Paypal Password Travel 

Nine-Year-Old Girl Books Disneyland Trip After Guessing Dad’s Paypal Password

(Sputnik) – Attention parents and guardians: make sure your Paypal password isn’t obvious or simple.

One tech-savvy nine-year-old girl from Immingham, Lincolnshire, gave her father a bone-chilling shock after blowing roughly $1,300 on a dream trip to Disneyland Paris.

Ian Wilson, the child’s father, was fast asleep when his daughter, Susan, got ahold of his phone and began a little midnight shopping spree (well, maybe not so little) after figuring out his Paypal password.

Dishing out the benjamins, Susan spent over $500 on flights and a hotel gift card, another $300 on a VIP trip to the Eiffel Tower and just shy of another $500 on park tickets and the Disneyland Express train, the Daily Mail reported.

The 53-year-old father only discovered the transaction had taken place three days after the fact on October 27, when he realized there was a big chunk of change missing from his bank account.

“My immediate thought was that it was fraud so I phoned PayPal who told me the the payments had been made from a device they deemed normal for me and did not consider it to be fraud,” Wilson told MailOnline. “That’s when I went through my phone history and found all these websites in my internet history. I asked Susan and she said it was her.”

By Andrei Dan Suciu, CC BY 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

Speaking to The Mirror, Wilson indicated that he didn’t “think Susan really realized the enormity of what she had done,” before adding that “she’s sorry and promised 10 [pence] to help pay it back.”

Ten pence is roughly the equivalent of 13 cents, but hey, the kid has got to start somewhere, right?

There was some good news to be had, though. Wilson managed to get a refund after asking both his bank holder and Paypal to consider what poor lil’ Susan done did to his wallet.

To all the parents out there, Wilson has just one recommendation: “Have a pin on your phone.”

“I didn’t because I’ve never needed one, but I do now,” he told MailOnline.

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