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Milo fallout: Alt-Right vs Alt-Light Scandal 

Milo fallout: Alt-Right vs Alt-Light

(GREED) – Just when we thought the dumpster fire that has become Milo’s career was over, we see more fallout. Milo’s alleged pederasty/snitching scandal has sparked fierce debate within the Alt-Right community. The heavyweight of the Alt-Right, Richard Spencer, came out swinging referring to Milo and his supporters as adherents to “basic bitch conservatism” and mockingly joked about the “Alt-light”.

Spencer took aim at Mike Cernovich and Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) for defending Milo’s actions and statements. Spencer pointed out that both had been actively pursuing “PizzaGate” since the story broke, but seemed to dismiss pedophilia allegations about their own supporters. At the risk of severely upsetting the editor of our new parent outlet, even if you don’t agree with Spencer, he seems to be the only Alt-Rightist that is staying true to what he sees as his core beliefs.

The question remains: Is Spencer’s draw enough to cuck the Alt-Light into bowing down at his feet and disavowing Milo? Or will the Alt-Light continue to support a man they see as wronged by the media and the deep state?

At this point does it even matter if the sexual allegations about Milo are true? It’s clear that the man who would be queen was simply being used as a pawn by the Alt-right. Spencer admits Milo’s homosexuality was a useful shield and that the Alt-right tolerated him for that reason. Once his usefulness was over, he was cast aside like a disposable razor and Spencer mocked his feminine mannerisms while saying he expects Milo to reinvent himself as a leftist.

Even in the thread on 4chan that foretold of Milo’s impending doom, the debate occurred over whether or not to defend their “useful pet.” They decided they didn’t really care what happened to Milo.

Watson won’t likely be able to back down from his support of Milo. He said on Twitter, “The hatred towards Milo is driven by the jealousy & self-loathing of hacks who know only compromise, obedience and intellectual cowardice.”

The supporters seem divided between supporting Milo’s team and Spencer’s team. Who will control America’s most rapidly growing political movement?

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