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Greed Music: Queer Artists You Should Be Listening to This Pride Month Featured Music 

Greed Music: Queer Artists You Should Be Listening to This Pride Month

Illinois (GREED) – June is LGBTQ+ Pride month. In celebration, give these artists, who are a part of the community, a listen. Whether they’re new on the scene or old favorites these musicians won’t disappoint in fulfilling your wildest queer dreams. Add a few (or all!) of these tracks to your playlist for Pride and blast them for everyone to hear.


Cari Fletcher, known simply by her stage name Fletcher, is an up and coming star in the indie pop arena. Fletcher is all about women empowerment and her song writing is reflective of that. Check out the song ‘Princess’ where Fletcher sings about her best friend sleeping on her couch because she finally came out to her family. Then make sure to watch the music video for ‘Wasted Youth’ which features her real girlfriend on screen in a powerful anthem about being young and in love.

Hayley Kiyoko

If you haven’t heard of Hayley Kiyoko yet, get ready to be in queer heaven bliss when you listen to her music. Kiyoko uses female pronouns exclusively in her songs and has created the music every queer woman can identify with. Her music videos display all different types of romantic relationships between women in a tasteful and raw way. Make sure to give her latest single, ‘Sleepover’ a listen (better yet, watch the music video). Other notable songs to add to your playlist include ‘Girls Like Girls’, ‘Cliffs Edge’, and ‘Pretty Girl’.


Halsey is an unapologetic bad ass bisexual who’s latest hit ‘Strangers’ is sure to climb it’s way to the number one spot on your Pride playlist. Halsey is no stranger to the music scene and her popularity has risen significantly over the past few years. She just released her second album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. Her light and raspy voice on this new album is purely intoxicating to both old fans and new ones alike. In addition to adding ‘Strangers’ to you list, also give ‘Bad at Love’ a listen.

Lauren Jauregui

You might know Lauren Jauregui from the popular girl group, Fifth Harmony. Jauregui recently came out as bisexual in an open letter to Donald Trump expressing her concerns over his political policies. If her political activism isn’t enough to win you over on its own, Jauregui’s voice definitely will. While Fifth Harmony has put out some pretty dope music, singles that Jauregui’s collaborated on with other artists really steal the spotlight. ‘Back to Me’ by Marian Hill was Jauregui’s debut outside of her girl group. It has a catchy chorus and is for sure playlist worthy. And of course, Jauregui’s most recent collaboration with Halsey on the aforementioned ‘Strangers’ will be on repeat for days.

The Veronicas

The Veronicas were pretty popular electropop duo in 2007 and 2008 but they’re recently making a much anticipated comeback. The first single to be release prior to their latest album in 2014, is ‘On Your Side’. This song requires you to watch the music video to get the whole experience of just how incredible these twin sisters are. The video, written and directed by Ruby Rose (who happens to be Jessica’s real life girlfriend), showcases true love and heartbreak that’s sure to leave you wanting more. ‘Take Me on the Floor’ from their 2007 album, Hook Me Up, is also worth a listen.


This dark pop trio of queer women are going to be the new ‘it’ thing of 2017. It was just announced they’ll be Harry Styles’ opening act for his upcoming tour so jump on the MUNA train before everyone else does! MUNA excludes pronouns from their songs completely, which are written by the band members, allowing fans all of genders and sexual orientations to relate to each and every song. The debut album, About U, features songs like ‘Winterbreak’, ‘Loudspeaker’, ‘Crying On The Bathroom Floor’ and the powerful anthem, ‘I Know A Place.’ You won’t regret adding these beats to your Pride playlist.

Angel Haze

Angel Haze is not only a singer, but a rapper. She adds much needed representation to the music industry as an openly pansexual, agender, person of color (Haze has expressed a preference for the pronouns her or him instead of they in multiple interviews). Haze recently dropped ‘Resurrection’ which is Kayne West-esq and a pump up track that won’t disappoint. The most note-worthy song by Haze is ‘Battle Cry’ featuring Sia, which is incredibly underrated. Haze is a must-add to your Pride playlist.

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