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Female YPG Commander Discusses Operation to Free Raqqa Badass Women Featured 

Female YPG Commander Discusses Operation to Free Raqqa

Turkey (Sputnik) – Sputnik Turkey spoke with Cihan Shex Ehmed, commander of the female battalion of the Kurdish YPG and press secretary for the Raqqa operation, about the ongoing campaign to free Daesh’s de facto capital.

Image Source: Flickr, Kurdishstruggle


The command of the operation for the liberation of Raqqa, known as Euphrates Rage, which is being carried out by units of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced the beginning of the operation’s fourth stage.It is reported that the task of this stage is the liberation of all the northern territories of Raqqa and the valley of Celab from the Daesh jihadist group.

This stage was launched with the support of forces operating in the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the international coalition.

“The previous steps taken by us in the framework of the operation for the liberation of Raqqa proved to be effective. Now we have begun the fourth stage of this operation, during which we expect to clear all the villages located in the immediate vicinity of Raqqa from Daesh,” Ehmed told Sputnik Turkey.

Image Source: Flickr, Kurdishstruggle

She further said that the aim of this new stage of the operation is to free the territories located north of Raqqa, as there are more than 10 settlements near the city still under the control of the terrorists.

On Sunday, the SDF eliminated 12 Daesh militants near Raqqa.

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) launched Operation Euphrates Rage to retake Raqqa from Daesh in November 2016.

This report was prepared by Sputnik News.

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