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Oregon Wants To Defelonize All The Drugs Unaimed 

Oregon Wants To Defelonize All The Drugs

United States (FEE) – Over the last several years, ending drug prohibition has steadily become an idea whose time has come. After spending decades and billions of tax dollars policing what individuals can and cannot put into their own bodies, the government has absolutely nothing to show for its “war on drugs,” aside from a swelling prison population. The opiate crisis is among the most devastating consequences of the drug war.  The staunchest supporters of prohibition, like Attorney General Jeff Sessions, may still be clinging stubbornly to their archaic views, but there are virtually no grounds on which the Read More

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Brazil’s Zika Epidemic Undercovers Human Rights Issues Unaimed 

Brazil’s Zika Epidemic Undercovers Human Rights Issues

São Paulo (HRW) – Brazil has not addressed longstanding human rights problems that allowed the Zika outbreak to escalate, leaving the population vulnerable to future outbreaks and other serious public health risks, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The government declared an end to the national public health emergency related to the Zika virus in May 2017, but the Zika threat in Brazil remains. The 103-page report, “Neglected and Unprotected: The Impact of the Zika Outbreak on Women and Girls in Northeastern Brazil,” documents gaps in the Brazilian authorities’ response that have a harmful impact on women and girls and leave Read More

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The Male Romper Gives the Caribbean Blogosphere a Lot to Ponder Unaimed 

The Male Romper Gives the Caribbean Blogosphere a Lot to Ponder

Caribbean (GV) – The Caribbean has caught Romphim fever. While the guys aren’t necessarily rushing out to buy the new “rompers made for men,” Internet users are certainly discussing it on social media. In a region that has a reputation of being intolerant of alternative lifestyles, the male romper is being perceived as something only gay men would wear, so the fashion trend has, unfortunately, fanned that flame. But several female Facebook users advised their male counterparts to take it easy — after all, it was just a piece of clothing that didn’t actually have the power to make them epicene. Read More

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This Grocery Store Is *So* You Unaimed 

This Grocery Store Is *So* You

World (FEE) – The problem with food is that it disappears. There’s less of it every time you eat until finally you’re hungry and there really isn’t much left. Then you have to go and buy more and the whole thing starts all over again as you eat some of it on the way home. I swear I spend half my life buying food. If I wake up energetic enough, early enough, and it’s the right season, I’ll go to the farmer’s market, but that doesn’t happen often enough to be a reliable source of food for me. Even ordering Read More

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Russian ‘Romance Register’ Could Force Couples to Get Serious After One Year Unaimed 

Russian ‘Romance Register’ Could Force Couples to Get Serious After One Year

Russia (Sputnik) – A new legislative proposal will enable Russians to register their relationship if they have been living together for a year, RIA Novosti reports. Relations between boyfriends and girlfriends across Russia are about to get serious, if a new proposal to force them to register their relationships becomes law. According to RIA Novosti, civil organizations in several Russian regions are campaigning for a change in the law which would compel people in a romantic relationship, who have been living together for at least one year, to register their relationship with the local authorities. “Every year, the number of unregistered marriages rises. In fact, we don’t have statistics on them, since they are not Read More

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The Lazy Millennial Guide to Long-Distance Relationships Featured Unaimed 

The Lazy Millennial Guide to Long-Distance Relationships

(FEE) – My grandmother was raised on a sheep station in the Outback of Australia. She didn’t see many kangaroos, but “the men” did all the time when they went out to herd the sheep at the end of the day. My grandfather was raised in Milwaukee. He didn’t see many kangaroos either, so they had that in common. During World War II, he was a soldier stationed in the Philippines for a while. She was a Red Cross nurse in Sydney. The nurses decided to put a party together for the American soldiers in town on leave. My grandfather Read More

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Swedish ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ Consoles Divorcees With Money-Backs Unaimed 

Swedish ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ Consoles Divorcees With Money-Backs

Sweden (Sputnik) – Swedish hoteliers believe in love, apparently: one Swedish hotel chain is offering couples who stay there a weird refund – on the condition that they get divorced within a year of their stay. The hotel chain is so sure that a cozy hotel stay is a panacea for a tangled relationship that they are actually betting their money on it. The Countryside Hotels chain was founded in 1983 and runs around 40 hotels across Sweden. Their new scheme applies to married couples who spend the night in the same room booked under their “relationship guarantee.” Provided that they split less than 12 months hereinafter, Read More

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5 Tips for the Young and Unemployed Unaimed 

5 Tips for the Young and Unemployed

(FEE) – Most of the career advice young people receive today is staggeringly bad. We’re told to take out large amounts of student debt (an average of 35k) to get a degree, apply for jobs at tons of different companies, and spend all our time making sure our resume has the right format. We’ve spent the last 4 years in school usually accumulating nothing but theory and developing few skills that make us competitive in the job market. I was lucky enough to avoid most of this. I left college early and never had anyone fill my head with stale Read More

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