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Over 360 Gymnasts Abused Across US, Including by Coaches Sports 

Over 360 Gymnasts Abused Across US, Including by Coaches

Over 360 gymnasts were sexually abused in the United States over the last 20 years by their coaches and gym owners, as well as other adults in the gymnastics field, an investigation conducted by US media reveals.

According to a review of police files and court cases conducted by The Indianapolis Star and USA Today, sexual abuse in US gymnastics occurs at a rate of one in every 20 days.

“It’s just too easy for coaches to keep getting hired and hired and hired. Sexual abuse thrives on the fact that people are embarrassed about the topic, ashamed to talk about it, and they keep quiet about it. And that’s exactly why molesting coaches keep getting hired at the next place. Nobody talks about a coach that is inappropriate with athletes; the coach quietly moves away and gets hired someplace else,” Nancy Hogshead-Makar, an Olympic gold-medal swimmer and CEO of the advocacy group Champion Women said as quoted in the new Indianapolis Star report.

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Women Compete in Big-Wave Surfing Contest for First Time Sports 

Women Compete in Big-Wave Surfing Contest for First Time

A group of female surfers has made history after competing in the World Surf League (WSL) big-wave event at a Maui surf break known as “Jaws” on November 11.

Women have pushed for years to take part in big-wave competitions, but organizers often say the conditions are too dangerous for them. Jaws, located in Hawaii, is capable of producing waves over 30 meters.

The place has become the new mecca for big-wave surfers, but only recently did the WSL begin holding a competition there.

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VIDEO: Skateboarding in South Africa Sports 

VIDEO: Skateboarding in South Africa

“Valley of a Thousand Hills” is a recent mini documentary about Indigo Skate Camp, an effort to create the first generation of Zulu skaters in the village of Isithumba, in the Kwazulu-Natal region of South Africa. The village is surrounded by 1,000 hills, hence the title of the film.

The camp is the brainchild of South African professional skater Dallas Oberholzer. Skateboarding is not a common sport in South Africa, especially among blacks.

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Stop Pretending You’re Surprised Football Fans are Racist Featured Sports 

Stop Pretending You’re Surprised Football Fans are Racist

Kapernick’s protest has brought attention to the flagrant abuses and misdeeds permeating the country and NFL fans are pissed at HIM for ruining the fun. They don’t want to acknowledge the widespread and systematic brutality Black folks have had to suffer under the same flag they view as god’s gift to Earth, because to do so would cause them to begin to question everything they believe about the world and their lives. Far easier for your average inbred caught drunk on a sunday morning to scream and make vague threats of violence, and lo-and-behold that’s exactly what we’ve seen.

Good God, why the hell do you think we all have guns down here? When I heard Trump was going to be holding a rally in my hometown I made it very clear to as many people as possible I was armed and would not hesitate to kill any would-be Klansman that might feel empowered. The neighbors don’t visit as often, but I can’t say the Klan does either.

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Why the national anthem protests can’t be silenced Sports 

Why the national anthem protests can’t be silenced

Since Colin Kaepernick, a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, began sitting for the national anthem during the National Football League’s preseason, national anthem protests have surged into the national spotlight. Across the country, athletes from around the NFL and from other sports have joined, some taking knees and some raising fists — an homage to Tommie Smith and John Carlos’ 1968 Black Power Olympic protest — yet all recognizably taking part in the same demonstration.

The protests have prompted a barrage of outrage, support and discussion. The story has been widely covered in the mainstream media, and is routinely discussed on sports channels and in social media. Whether or not Kaepernick planned it this way, he has kicked off a phenomenal episode of civil resistance against racism and police violence.

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