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Oh Canada! Justin Trudeau Breaks the Internet with His Tight Slacks (PHOTOS) Men 

Oh Canada! Justin Trudeau Breaks the Internet with His Tight Slacks (PHOTOS)

Canada (Sputnik) – Canada’s prime minister aka “Mr-steal-your-girlfriend” sends the twittersphere into a craze and no it’s not for anything political… it’s all about his assets. Attending a speaking event, from what we gather, not many really remember what he was talking about and well, naturally we can guess why. Take a deep breath and check it out. Okay. — Joe Reid (@joereid) February 22, 2017 Cue the gawkers! — Calvin (@calvinstowell) February 22, 2017 Yeah, our thoughts exactly. via GIPHY Some are even suggesting the key to world peace isn’t foreign policy, it’s actually Justin’s derrière. I've discovered the solution Read More

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Drink away the election results with whiskey Men 

Drink away the election results with whiskey

As whiskey struts back into vogue, it’s time to demystify the various incarnations. Contrary to the promoted image, whiskey is not entirely gut-rot liquor. The intricacies of whiskey are as subtle as wine. Scotch? That’s whiskey. Bourbon? Also Whiskey. Rye? Whiskey. Moonshine? Unaged whiskey. Whisky? Whiskey made outside of Ireland or the US. It all boils down to how it’s prepared, the ingredients, filtration, age, and many other factors. It doesn’t have to be confusing though.

Speaking in very general terms, whiskey is distilled beer with no hops. It’s made from grain mash or corn mash. The distillation process typically happens in either a column still or a pot still. Column stills constantly produce, while pot stills make batches. With very few exceptions, the distilled product is then aged in barrels or casks. The end product needs to be between 40% and 94.8% alcohol. Distillers often water down the liquor when it is finished aging. The main classes of whiskey are:

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