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30 Grill Recipes You Have To Try This Summer Featured Food 

30 Grill Recipes You Have To Try This Summer

World (Ranker) – Editor’s Note: Summertime is upon us. Warmer days and nights means it’s time to crank up the BBQ and enjoy the evenings outdoors. We hope you enjoy this collection of 30 tasty grill-friendly ideas from our friends at Ranker. There’s a little something for everyone! This report was prepared by Jessica Lawshe for Ranker.

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3 Simple Sweet Treats to Serve Mom This Mother’s Day Food 

3 Simple Sweet Treats to Serve Mom This Mother’s Day

(Foodista) – I read recently that only 4% of mothers want breakfast in bed and preferred instead to go out for brunch. I must be in the 4% as the last thing I want is to be in a frenetically busy restaurant on what should be a day of peaceful pampering. My idea of Mother’s Day is lounging quietly with a nice cup of tea, reading my Kindle and stack of magazines, and noshing on something simple and delightful. I don’t often splurge on sweet things, but Mother’s Day is the no-diet exception. Below are three sweet treats from Bonne Read More

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4 Fresh and Easy Margarita Recipes for Cinco de Mayo Featured Food 

4 Fresh and Easy Margarita Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

(Foodista) – Did you know the original margarita recipe dates back to 1948? It was created by Dallas socialite Margarita Sames who combined 3 ingredients – Cointreau, blanco tequila, and fresh lime juice – into a cocktail she served at a soirée in Acapulco, Mexico. The ubiquitous blended or on-the-rocks cocktail has seen many iterations, but nothing quite beats the delicious simplicity of a classic margarita. This Cinco de Mayo, channel your inner entertaining socialite and whip up some Original Margaritas, but also try some of these unique twists on the classic margarita recipe, all of which start with Cointreau, Read More

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A Calorie Is A Calorie: Or Is It A Conspiracy? Food Health 

A Calorie Is A Calorie: Or Is It A Conspiracy?

World (Mosaic) – “For me, a calorie is a unit of measurement that’s a real pain in the rear.” Bo Nash is 38. He lives in Arlington, Texas, where he’s a technology director for a textbook publisher. And he’s 5’10” and 245 lbs – which means he is classed as obese. In an effort to lose weight, Nash uses an app to record the calories he consumes and a Fitbit band to track the energy he expends. These tools bring an apparent precision: Nash can quantify the calories in each cracker crunched and stair climbed. But when it comes to Read More

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Instagram Snaps of Japanese Foods You May Not Have Heard Of Food 

Instagram Snaps of Japanese Foods You May Not Have Heard Of

Japan (GV) – Raw chicken, fish sperm, raw liver, and “cherry blossom meat” While most people are familiar with sushi and Japanese sweet potato,  there are a lot of more adventurous Japanese foods out there. If you’re looking to try something new and exciting, Japan has plenty to offer…  Chicken hearts, cartilage, livers, gizzards and unlaid eggs Restaurants specializing in yakitori (barbecued chicken) are common in every drinking area around Japan, and provide examples of Japanese foods not commonly eaten outside the country. While breast and thigh meat are standard fare, there are also plenty of other parts of the chicken on Read More

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An Ode to Onion Rings Food 

An Ode to Onion Rings

(FEE) – I’s wonderful that modern society is prosperous enough that we can spend our hard-earned discretionary income on luxuries unimaginable to humans from centuries past. These luxuries include cars and computers, but also feature the simple and ubiquitous features of modern life. Take the onion ring. Made of two basic components, the onion and the breading, subsequently deep fried in fat or oil, the onion ring is almost entirely devoid of substantive nutritional value. It is an amazing luxury that modern man is so wealthy, and so well-fed, that he can eat fried, breaded onions solely for pleasure. Read More

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Your Vote Doesn’t Count: Grow Food Instead Featured Food 

Your Vote Doesn’t Count: Grow Food Instead

(WAKING TIMES) – The most effective change-makers in our society aren’t waiting around for a new president to make their lives better, they’re planting seeds, quite literally, and through the revolutionary act of gardening, they’re rebuilding their communities while growing their own independence. Every four years when the big election comes around, millions of people put their passion for creating a better world into an increasingly corrupt and absurd political contest. What if that energy was instead invested in something worthwhile, something that directly and immediately improved life, community, and the world at large? The simple act of growing our Read More

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Every Taco Bell Is a Chapel Featured Food 

Every Taco Bell Is a Chapel

(FEE) – Taco Bell recently had two great ideas that had nothing to do with its menu. It is opening a wedding chapel in its store in Las Vegas. And it is holding a competition called the “Love and Tacos” sweepstakes. The likely winner posted a photo that went viral of her wedding dress made of Taco Bell wrappers, to be announced on March 16. Genius! Fast food thrives off genuine love for its brand, service, and product, without which it could never work. So this competition is entirely appropriate, and how wonderful that its marketing has tapped into Read More

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Why Americans Refrigerate Eggs Featured Food 

Why Americans Refrigerate Eggs

United States (FEE) – A few years ago, I bought some fresh eggs from a friend who owned chickens. They were wonderful. I’m not fussy about the topic so I can’t say that I go out of my way to get fresh eggs. I’ll take them when I can get them. However, I’ve long been intrigued by her instructions to me: “they do not need to be refrigerated.” This struck me as weird. I guess I thought they would spoil if they are left out or maybe gradually become a chicken or something. She assured me no, and her Read More

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Cooking As a Busy, Broke Millennial Featured Food 

Cooking As a Busy, Broke Millennial

(FEE) – Cooking can be a scary thing. There are a lot of things to keep track of, there are sharp knives, Gordon Ramsay is in your head telling you how bad you are at the basic skill of feeding yourself, and, amazingly, fast food is faster. But it’s also a lot cheaper than eating out, it tastes good, and it feels good to make real live actual meals for yourself. And it’s hella romantic. Thankfully we don’t live in a communist country, which means we have stores filled from floor to ceiling with every ingredient you could ever Read More

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