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White Female Immigrant Gunned Down By Muslim Cop: Talking Heads Spontaneously Combust Columns Featured Justice 

White Female Immigrant Gunned Down By Muslim Cop: Talking Heads Spontaneously Combust

United States (GREED) – Editor’s Note: One of our editorial staff recently became so infuriated over the state of our society (we force her to read 500 headlines a day; can you blame her?), that she turned into the Dragon Lady. In the first of what we hope will become a series of spicy editorials, she spews fire over the recent police shooting of Justine Damond.  In case you missed it, a woman in Minnesota was shot and killed by a police officer responding to her 9-1-1 call. She was calling to report a possible sexual assault in the alley Read More

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Be Greedy: Bioponic Phytoceuticals & The Temple of Truth Be Greedy 

Be Greedy: Bioponic Phytoceuticals & The Temple of Truth

Hawaii (GREED) – Editor’s Note: To contrast the despicable amount of large-scale corporate and political greed in the world, we at Greed Media present you with a collection of local artisans. These people are effectively f**king the system by making and selling their own quality goods; taking the power of production out of corporate control. These people are truly changing the economy and the world, one handcrafted product at a time. Join the revolution and be greedy for local goods! The following installment is part of a series we call Be Greedy: A Local Artisan Showcase. Tucked away in Read More

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2017: The Year America Looks Like Aleppo? Columns Featured 

2017: The Year America Looks Like Aleppo?

If the movin’ and shakin’s of the Luck Plane are any indication it appears 2017 will be a defining point in the death of large political collectives in favor of smaller and smaller sects, a never ending war of 10,000 fronts fought not for dominance but for vendetta.

Already a major omen has predicted absolute disaster for the year ahead, a failure in a re-occuring miracle that’s correctly warned of everything from earthquakes to World War 2. This alone was enough to set wizards and witches scurrying for cover; not to be outdone the material world has provided its own trends to study.

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Witnessing Earthquakes and Protest in Santiago Greedy Hooker Unaimed 

Witnessing Earthquakes and Protest in Santiago

Chile’s earthquakes were not the only shattering revelation the country and its people had in store for this Scottish traveller to the long and thin country.

Until the earthquake on Friday the 4th of November, my experience of Santiago, the Chilean capital, was fairly typical of the gringo experience; I downed terremoto cocktails in Bellavista, hiked amidst the stunning snow-flecked mountainous vistas of Cajon del Maipo and danced, if falteringly, through the intricate steps of La Cueca in the city’s dancehalls till the early hours. On Friday afternoon, as I was working on my computer, I looked up at a tremendous bang and the bizarre sensation of my chair shaking below me as my flatmates´ house plant, named terremoto, tumbled off the bookshelf. Rushing to the window and looking out over my balcony on the 17th floor, I saw everyone walking about, continuing with their daily business in the street below, as skyscrapers wavered and shook around them. The earthquake only measured 6.1 on the Richter scale, a level that caused devastation in Italy recently, but is only called a mere temblor by Chilenos – tremor in English. However, the experience of the earthquake was followed by a second shattering of perspective as I walked to La Moneda; my previous views of Latin America and the nature of democracy here realigned; my frames of reference suddenly shifted.

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Standing Rock is In It’s Most Precarious Situation, So Why Should People Go Home? Columns 

Standing Rock is In It’s Most Precarious Situation, So Why Should People Go Home?

When the news hit that the Army had stood down, that for a brief second it appeared the people might have a glimpse of what victory actually feels like in the face of impossible odds, I was about as far away from North Dakota as anyone could be. On some deserted Florida beach I had made camp, my communist bandanna flying violently in the wind as I guzzled tall-boy after tall-boy of cheap American beer. Bossa Nova from the 1960’s blared at full volume, a soothing weight to balance out the ever-familiar tension of a mind on high alert. I knew that the times ahead would be the most important and this pipeline business was now more dangerous than ever.

A quick overview of the facts: the Army Corps of Engineers, after facing the possibility of hundreds of military veterans acting as human shields, has decided not to the grant the easement necessary for Energy Transfer Partners to complete the Dakota Access pipeline, seemingly bringing an end to months of protests over the project. Cheers from the northern territories could be heard as faraway as Georgia and the internet was absolutely ablaze with congratulatory memes. The battle had been one, the pipeline would be moved, and one of the tribal leaders was even beginning to ask the nearly 5,000 people assembled to move along unless they belonged to the Sioux tribe.

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America Won’t Convict Killer Cops Because It Couldn’t Care Less Columns Featured 

America Won’t Convict Killer Cops Because It Couldn’t Care Less

I cannot in good conscience consider a guilty verdict.” This is the sound of what a fully militarized system of white supremacy sounds like.

Jaws hit the floor yesterday in the case of Michael Slager, better known as the cop who shot an unarmed man named Walter Scott, when a jury of 11 whites and one black person said it looked like they were heading for a mistrial. This wasn’t some dire gridlock either, but one lone asshole who somehow has decided that they cannot possibly conceive of any punishment for a cop that not only shot an unarmed man in the fucking back but tried to plant a weapon on him to make it look justified.

We here at the Greed Florida Office have been staying up all night reviewing the details of this case, practically draining the local liquor store of supplies absolutely critical to reviewing the footage of the shooting. It must be very difficult to be a juror on the Walter Scott case, what with the vast amount of studying required of what surely must be a very long and very unclear bit of videotape. We did our best to put ourselves in their shoes. Try your own hand at it:

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This Thanksgiving Give Thanks for Anomie Columns Unaimed 

This Thanksgiving Give Thanks for Anomie

Anomie: a condition in which society provides little moral guidance to individuals. It is the breakdown of social bonds between an individual and the community, e.g., under unruly scenarios resulting in fragmentation of social identity…

Contrary to popular belief Thanksgiving was not founded as a holiday to celebrate the American genocide of first nation’s people, nor to remember the salvation of any pilgrims. It was made a national holiday by none other than Abraham Lincoln at the height of the Civil War for “the interposition of the Almighty Hand to heal the wounds of the nation and to restore it as soon as may be consistent with the Divine purposes to the full enjoyment of peace, harmony, tranquility and Union.” In affect it was a holiday celebrated independently by the States brought under Federal control for propgandic value creating a sense of unity and national togetherness, one gigantic collective hallucination to fuse diverse cultures and peoples into one.

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Donald Trump is the Enemy The Left Has Always Needed Columns 

Donald Trump is the Enemy The Left Has Always Needed

Donald Trump hasn’t even taken the presidency and he’s done more for the Left than Noam Chomsky has in 10 years.

That at least appears to be the feel of things as millions of Americans swarm the streets, burn cars, and stock up on guns as the swearing in of our Arch-Salesman looms ever closer. People who never would have dreamed about violence, let alone sneezing in the direction of a racist, are messaging me en masse asking about gun laws in states I’ve never been and just what kind of damage a .357 round can do to a Klansman’s head.

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