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Confessions of a Plus-Size Fashionista Beauty 

Confessions of a Plus-Size Fashionista

(FEE) – For too long, young, plus-size women only had access to dated styles, ugly knits, and ghastly floral prints. No longer! was in middle school when I fell in love with a pair of light-wash, glitter-coated jeans. They were so cool. When my beautiful and fashionable older sister passed them over the fitting room door to me, I knew I had to have them. I told my mom that they fit and she, happy to have found a piece of clothing for her chubby, hard-to-fit daughter, bought them for me. But she didn’t know, and I didn’t tell anyone, Read More

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Toxic beauty, then and now Beauty Featured 

Toxic beauty, then and now

(Conversation) – Throughout history, humans have been willing to try almost any method or product to improve their physical appearance. In response, enterprising businesses and beauty moguls have conspired to sell us almost anything — from water to poison — in the guise of cosmetic treatments. While many cosmetic products have eventually proven to have little efficacy, a significant number have also caused physical harm and even death. Cosmetics and cosmetic surgery are now subject to more stringent regulation than in the 19th century, when lead-based powders and face creams containing poisons were not uncommon. However, even today there Read More

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Real beauty doesn’t need to be retouched Beauty Featured 

Real beauty doesn’t need to be retouched

(Conversation) -The giant global photographic agency, Getty Images, has announced it plans to ban retouching of images of models “to make them look thinner or larger”. The move follows a change to the law in France that requires images where the “body of the model has been modified … to either slim or flesh out her figure” to be accompanied by a “photographie retouchée” label. These are groundbreaking developments which could be incredibly important, not just for the fashion industry, but for generations to come who may no longer grow up with unrealistic expectations of how their bodies should Read More

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Harmony Inside and Out: The Plus-Size Models Who Live Life to the Full Beauty 

Harmony Inside and Out: The Plus-Size Models Who Live Life to the Full

(Sputnik) – Plus-size models often come under fire for promoting obesity propaganda and are abused for their extra pounds. But as the saying goes, haters gonna hate. Meanwhile, many of these curvy ladies actually live a life of harmony, in love with themselves and with their other halves, who see beyond the superficial exterior. Ever since the Body Positive Movement swept the world and even entered the hallowed halls of the fashion industry, the phenomenon has created just as many admirers and supporters as well as it has haters. While ill-wishers describe famous plus-size models as “unattractive” and blame them for promoting an unhealthy lifestyle, Read More

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Double standards and derision – tracing our attitudes to older women and beauty Beauty Featured 

Double standards and derision – tracing our attitudes to older women and beauty

World (Conversation) – Brigitte Macron, wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, is a rare example of an older woman in the public eye who has attracted praise for her appearance. At 64, Macron is 24 years older than her husband, but her healthy figure and youthful style of dress saw her described in Vogue as “rock ‘n’ roll”. While Macron is admired for her penchant for leather pants, women regularly face policing of their clothing and cosmetic choices once they reach the age of 30. Ageing only brings about further restrictions, with few older women who cultivate their appearance successfully Read More

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It’s Time to Reclaim Beauty Beauty Featured 

It’s Time to Reclaim Beauty

World (OpenDemocracy) – And that begins with recognising that our seemingly natural preferences are deeply implicit products of oppression. We met at university abroad. We were bound to meet, a natural pair – the Indian girls – wonderfully brown in a sea of apologetic white privilege. Our peers were just what you would expect from a student body at an elite European university: liberal, crème-de-la-crème folks, as eager as we were to diversify their social circles, and full of warmth when it came to embracing ‘the other’. So-called cultural barriers seemed to dissipate as we laughed amiably over chai-tea and Read More

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The Honest Company Lies Beauty Featured Women 

The Honest Company Lies

Kailua, Hawaii (GREED) – The Honest Company, a brand many parents trust to provide safer, more natural products for their family has been repeatedly accused of lying about the quality of their ingredients. The California startup began as a subscription service for disposable, albeit more eco-friendly, diaper service. Their initial popularity allowed the company to launch other household products. At a high point, the company was valued at over $1.7 billion dollars. However, several media reports and a series of lawsuits last year stirred up controversy after it was found that their ingredients were not as natural they appeared. Read More

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