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Why we need to talk about sexual violence in the military Featured Human Rights 

Why we need to talk about sexual violence in the military

United Kingdom (Conversation) – The BBC’s Panorama recently reported on a series of cover-ups regarding historical sex abuse in Britain’s Cadet Forces. The abuse involved was shocking, but consistent with the unfolding national scandal. Paedophiles have been exposed in politics, the clergy, football coaching and the BBC – why should we expect the military to be any different? But there is a broader issue that isn’t being widely talked about. And that is sexual violence and harassment against both male and female personnel within the ranks of the adult military. This is despite the Deepcut scandal involving the deaths Read More

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The Saudi Dress Code Debacle Human Rights 

The Saudi Dress Code Debacle

Saudi Arabia (HRW) – Interrogation of Woman Who Wore Skirt in Snapchat Video Sparks Anger A woman named Khulood was interrogated yesterday in Riyadh and handed over for prosecution. Her transgression? Wearing “indecent” clothing. But the same night, Saudi authorities released her without charge. A brief Snapchat video of Khulood appeared over the weekend with her in a short skirt and top which revealed her partial midriff as she walked through the Heritage Village of Ushayqir, 100 miles north of Riyadh. Authorities in Saudi Arabia, which has a strict dress code – women must wear a loose black garment called an abaya and Read More

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Restricting Women’s Clothing – and Freedom Featured Human Rights 

Restricting Women’s Clothing – and Freedom

Belgium (HRW) – European Court Upholds Ban on Face Coverings The European Court of Human Rights has struck another blow to women’s autonomy, ruling in favor of bans on full-face veils enacted in 2011 in Belgium. Echoing a 2014 ruling in S.A.S v. France, the court cited the vague idea of “living together” as justification for the bans. Nowhere does the European Convention on Human Rights state that “living together” can be adequate grounds for restricting rights. The court accepted the Belgian government’s argument that wearing clothing that obstructs the face is “incompatible, in Belgian society, with social communication and, more generally the establishment of Read More

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Forgetting About Girls in Afghanistan – Again Featured Human Rights 

Forgetting About Girls in Afghanistan – Again

Afghanistan (HRW) – Robot Visits US, Afghan Girls Stuck at Home We want to make a difference and most breakthroughs in science, technology, and other industries normally start with the dream of a child to do something great. – Team Afghanistan’s statement on the competition website They seized the chance to study in a country that has long denied that advantage to many girls. They excelled in science and technology – a male-dominated field. And they competed successfully to represent their country against some of the brightest young minds in the world. But, after overcoming these improbable odds, a robotics team of six Afghan girls Read More

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The Highs and Lows of One Hectic Day in Northern Ireland’s Abortion Struggle Health Human Rights 

The Highs and Lows of One Hectic Day in Northern Ireland’s Abortion Struggle

Ireland (Conversation) – The deal struck by the Democratic Unionist Party to prop up Theresa May’s Conservative minority government in London has led to unprecedented interest in the politics of Northern Ireland. This interest intensified on June 29, when several key developments in the debate around access to abortion occurred at once. Northern Ireland has one of the most restrictive and punitive abortion laws in the world. Abortion is prohibited unless pregnancy poses a threat to the woman’s life or a serious permanent or long-term threat to her physical or mental health. Breach of this criminal prohibition could result Read More

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A Salute To An Immigrant Mother Featured Human Rights 

A Salute To An Immigrant Mother

United States (GREED) – This is not a salute to my husband. I am not here to brag about how amazing he is (he’s super amazing), or how much he does for me and our family (everything he does, is for us). I am here to tell his story because I feel it’s an important story to tell, especially now. My husband was not born here in the United States. He was born in the town of Irapuato, a Mexican town found at the foot of the Arandas Hill, in the state of Guanajuato. It’s famous for its strawberries Read More

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US State Department’s Lie About Child Soldiers Featured Human Rights 

US State Department’s Lie About Child Soldiers

Washington DC (HRW) – Tillerson Takes Burma, Iraq Off List Despite Evidence Dozens of children were part of Burma’s armed forces as recently as last week. In Iraq, children have died fighting the Islamic State (also known as ISIS) with Iraqi government military units. But United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ignored these facts and took Burma and Iraq off the annual list, issued today, that identifies countries that use child soldiers or support militias that do. The US Child Soldiers Prevention Act requires the State Department to publish the list each year. The new list includes the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Read More

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Without Government, Who Will Keep Us Safe From Teenage Entrepreneurs? Human Rights Politics 

Without Government, Who Will Keep Us Safe From Teenage Entrepreneurs?

World (FEE) – Tourists taking a stroll around the national monuments this past weekend might have wondered what horrible crime was committed by a group of black teenagers sitting handcuffed and detained on the sidewalk. But while imaginations may run wild, the truth of the matter is extremely tame; the only offense these teens were guilty of was selling bottled water without first asking the government for permission. If this seems like an overreaction on the part of law enforcement, that is because it absolutely is. However, this over-enforcement has become all too common when it comes to youthful Read More

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#RealizedIWas: One Woman’s Journey From Shame to Self-Love Featured Human Rights 

#RealizedIWas: One Woman’s Journey From Shame to Self-Love

Illinois (GREED) – Back in February of this year, CNN started the #realizediwasblack social media movement. A video was posted on Facebook with several notable Black celebrities and public figures, each of them describing the moment they realized they were Black. All of the stories varied from one another, by age or location or by the level of cruelty. But as different as each story was from the rest, they were also very much the same. Each person could recall the traumatizing moment in which their Blackness was used to try and break them. After watching the video, I Read More

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13 Problems Femme Lesbians Have Featured Human Rights Women 

13 Problems Femme Lesbians Have

World (Greed) – Editor’s Note: In celebration of Pride Month, we proudly feature another article highlighting real life in the LGBTQ+ community, written by our own Carolanne Monteleone. Following is an original piece detailing the unique challenges that femme lesbians face in our society.  1. The “but you’re too pretty or too girly to be gay” comment This stereotype may be intended to be flattering, but it’s undermining part of someone’s identity by saying they’re too much of something to be what they are. Girls who do enjoy doing their makeup can be gay, girls who wear dresses can be Read More

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