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BREAKING: President Trump Uses Twitter To Resign Featured 

BREAKING: President Trump Uses Twitter To Resign

Washington D.C. (GREED) – An abrupt and rather angry message stirred Twitter this afternoon when President Donald Trump essentially resigned from the presidency via his social media page.

Trump essentially hands over the reigns at the last second, like this is some spaghetti western wagon chase, to Mike Pence. Who himself might as well just pass the buck down on further. It’s caused quite a stir among the White House, present and past. With this tweet from Barack Obama;

This is all fake.

At this point, if you haven’t realized how much you’ve been duped by the just the headline alone? You are… None of the tweets mentioned above are factual. They were made with

So if you’ve read this far with hopes that Trump would resign, or if you’ve read this far pissed that Trump would resign? Do yourself a favor and stop reading so far into the headline of a story. It might just be an April Fool’s joke!

Author’s note; Trump would never resign. His egotistical, megalomaniacal personality would never allow him too. Please stop reading just the headline of real articles? Please?

This article prepared by James Job of The Fifth Column.

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