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You’re Not Helping Featured Health 

You’re Not Helping

United States (GREED) – It is another morning I must awaken to. I am fatigued, and a year’s worth of sleep would not help. In a few hours, I will suffer headaches, among other disturbing symptoms. Yet, many people claim my daily battles are fake or made up. Mainstream and alternative media has painted mental illness in a disturbing light. The Citizens Commission for Human Rights argue that mental illness is merely a scheme for profit because it isn’t caused by bacteria. According to their website, certain psychiatrists claim that biochemical imbalances do not exist. Psychology Today states mental health diagnoses Read More

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It’s A Strange Money Game Culture Featured 

It’s A Strange Money Game

Pennsylvania (GREED) – We all know what money is. Money has been called “the root of all evil” and stands accused of “making the world go round”. It is the catapult of capitalism, of any society, really. UNDERSTANDING CURRENCY In 1913 President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into congress. Currency is now printed in 1 of 12 locations within the United States. The Federal Reserve is not a government entity. Seriously! The Federal Reserve of St. Louise explained on their website: “The Federal Reserve Banks are not a part of the federal government, but they exist because of an Read More

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Equality Beyond Labels: How We View Others Matters Culture 

Equality Beyond Labels: How We View Others Matters

Pennsylvania (GREED) – Many people think equality is the idea that people are born the same. We’ve somehow misconstrued this word to mean something that is, indeed, impossible. The dictionary defines equality as “the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.”   Those of us that believe in equality realize that we are born with differences. We are born in different economic classes. We’re different colors. We are born into different situations. But to those of us who believe, none of those superficial things really matter. Equality is the only thing that can erase our division. Read More

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Unclean Confessions: The Reality of Addiction Featured Health 

Unclean Confessions: The Reality of Addiction

Lancaster, Pennsylvania (GREED) – Is addiction a choice or a disease? It certainly isn’t good, right? So why do addicts keep getting high? Why do they become so cold; how can they care about ONLY getting the next fix?  Here is some insight from those who have suffered addiction. My only hope is to help all gain some understanding. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? There are many reasons someone may decide to start using. It could be for fun, in celebration, for relief of a feeling, pain, anxiety, or practically anything else. I know of no one that thought, “I’m going Read More

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A Short Guide to Unity Featured Women 

A Short Guide to Unity

Lancaster, Pennsylvania (GREED) – So there I was, sitting at the bar, alone, while my friends drank their beers and molded into their couple-hood respectively. My boredom must have been apparent because a lady approached me: “What’s your favorite song?” “Ummm… Sweet Child of Mine,” I replied. “Okay! Can you dance to that? I’m not a lesbian.” She made sure I understood, “But you look like you need to dance!” So she requested my song and we danced with no strings (or judgement) attached. I will never, I CAN never, forget that platonic princess in soft, shiny armor. She reminded Read More

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