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About Us

Greed Media is a symptom of the times. It’s America. Greed is pervasive in every single aspect of our society. It’s what we’re all looking for: more money, more toys, more sex, more drugs. Greed Media will be taking you inside the excesses of the country and world.

Welcome to the venue for peeking into the lives of those who exemplify the world of greed.

Greed Media will take you inside the lives of celebrities of all types. You’ll see the political elites exposed as they chase the almighty dollar. You’ll see the sanctimonious Hollywood upper class exposed as their clothing lines are shown to be using sweatshop labor. You’ll see it all. We’re greedy too. We want to expose every bit of hypocrisy of those on the pedestals of today’s hero worshiping society.

Alongside the depravity and excess, you’ll find articles about art, entertainment, music, charity, tips for men and women, and of course the highlights of all of the scandals this society has to offer.

So buckle up and get ready for the ultimate critique on today’s society. This is America and Greed is Good.

This ride is going to be as American as apple pie… all of it.

– Ashira Glass