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7 Ways to Stop Being A Basic White Girl and Attract Interesting Men Columns 

7 Ways to Stop Being A Basic White Girl and Attract Interesting Men

(GREED – We all want an interesting guy. We want that guy with the cool backstory and life experiences. We want somebody who can keep our interest when we’re sitting in the breakfast nook drinking coffee in the morning. How do we find that guy? What does that guy want? He probably wants somebody interesting too. The one thing he doesn’t want is your basic white girl. In fact, being a basic white girl guarantees that you will attract the basic white guy.

As your friendly neighborhood hooker, I’ve taken the liberty of coming up with a list of things that will not only change you from basic white girl into interesting girl, but will enrich your life as well. You don’t need to do all of them, one or two will keep your status secure. Do the ones that interest you, be your own person.

Read: Get a library card or find a book store. Expand your mind and gain knowledge about things you don’t know anything about. Try to avoid mindless trash and read books that will expose you to different ways of thinking and tell you about places you may never visit.

Never play dumb: Really smart and interesting guys are always busy. They don’t have time for lots of normal activities. One of those is dating. That means I end up spending time with brilliant guys every once in a while who just don’t have the time or energy to date. Their number one turn off? Girls who pretend to be dumb. Why should an interesting guy care about you at all, if you don’t have the confidence to let him know you’re smart? Be honest, when we play dumb it’s so we don’t possibly threaten the guy with our intelligence. Newsflash: the worst that will happen if you stop playing dumb is that you will chase dumb and insecure guys away. What’s that saying about two birds and one stone?

Embrace your abnormal interests: I drive an old muscle car and if it breaks, and it always does, I work on it myself. It’s an interest that isn’t standard and certainly isn’t basic. You have one, too. Just embrace it. It doesn’t have to be something guys normally do. It could be some form of art or dance, a musical instrument, sewing, or even cooking. Who knows how to make a pie from scratch anymore? I don’t. That’s interesting.

Keep up-to-date on current events: Want to really be interesting? Know what’s going on in the world, and not the stuff on TV news. Read reputable independent news outlets. There’s a giant list of them out there. My personal favorite and one I read every day is The Fifth Column. If you want to raise interest and eyebrows, be able to explain why the peace in Colombia won’t last.

Go to interesting places: You probably won’t find an interesting guy drinking away his days at the local bar or trying to pick up women at the club. Want a guy who’s well-read? I bet he probably visits book stores. Want a guy with an appreciation for music? He’ll probably be at a concert.

Don’t be a consumer: You will never see an interesting guy rush out to buy the latest toy unless he actually needs it. They tend to have a bit of nostalgia about them. The most interesting guys I know are the same guys who buy quality products they keep for years, instead of the stuff that will be out of style in six months. One of the most interesting men I know once dismissed a very pretty but obviously basic girl by saying “Honey, I have leather jackets older than you.”

Travel: There’s a link between a girl saying “he’s a really interesting guy” and “he’s traveled all over the place”; it’s normally about the same guy. Get out and see the world or even just the forgotten areas of your community.

Bonus Tip: Be you. Authenticity is important to men with a brain. Don’t try to fake anything, they’ll see through it. Be confident in who you are, how you look, and what you want.

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